No, It is not Democracy.


A torch of freedom marathon has been lit in Tunisia and is on march to its destination through Muslim world. This torch has NOT been lit by any revolutionary leader, religious Scholar, foreign conspiracy, champion of Human dignity and Democratic values. It has been ignited by the Ultimate Planner, halting the decades of repression, injustice, humiliation and decadence of values and cultures.

Could any one really think that an incident of self immolation by a young man in a third world country would spark a streak of demonstrations throughout the Muslim World ? No, off course not. The incidents of this nature happens so very often in this part of the world now-a-days, that often they are not considered meritorious enough to even be reported.

Now, Decades passed, of slumber, ignorance and decadence, brought heaps of humiliation through subjugation, slavery, forced Proselytization. Muslims were left vulnerable to steep into regression of inferiority through psychological maneuvering; whereby our men, under the guise of modernity, sought to be averse to Devine Laws, so that they could be considered foreign educated liberal and open minded elites. Muslim woman, in the name of women’s liberty and equality, became the commodity at par with that of the west. They sought to be men-like and promiscuous. Flirtation became just the social jesting. Analogically Jews did not like the food coming from Havens and Muslim women did not like the honor bestowed upon them. They chose instead, to be the glitter of the Market place. Women surely need be free, but not of the clothes and chastity.

Now that the grinding of the time has pushed the people to the inevitable realization of going back to the roots and holding on to the values taught to them 1500 years ago. There is no turning back as this time, since the leader is the Ultimate Leader.

It is not Ben Ali of Tunisia who has to abdicate his throne but there will be many in the coming days. I am, however, afraid this time it may not be the effigies of these ruthless dictators, autocrats or Sheikhs who will be burnt, but they themselves. It may seem a heinous crime, and off course it would be, but what about a mother who has to sell her kid to feed the rest? Or the one who has to sell herself to just Survive? Or the one who has to sell her kidney to pay off the debt secured to marry her daughter?

Can the kleptocrats of the Muslim world justify the miseries of their own brethren? One lives in a palace and stashes millions and billions in foreign banks whereas his gardener/driver can not afford to send her kids to school. It has to come to an end-and the count down has just started.

Most thinkers of the west and east stop short of going full length of this saga. They just talk about the seething anger of the unemployed young Muslim youths, toppling of the MFN’s (Most Favored Nations) MFD &A ( Most favored dictators and Autocrats). They are oblivious of the fact that it is not just the toppling of Kleptocrats but the rising of the Sun of Islam. What they narrated is only half of the truth the rest is most glorious and enchanting.

In the beginning, there might very well be so called democracy, but would eventually lead to something totally different; probably something like “CALIPHOCRACY”? or something similar.But certainly it would not be the so called western democracy; which is littered with the deceptive rule by rich plutocrats, treating the subjects as mere vote counts. Here the idiots would only be counted if they vote YES. There is no counting for NO vote. There is a surprizocracy waiting in the offing.

After Egypt, it may be Jordan, Syria, Yemen and then would be Pakistan. Which has been, since its birth, for the most part, in the clutched of kleptocracy. It is on its last leg. It is about to come to an end. This time Plunderers would not have the last word but the people would. That would really be the turning point in the history of the Muslim World. That is where the real reformation of Islam would take roots. It would be true to its core beliefs and in harmony with science and technology, open to ijtihad–conforming to the new challenges of the time and yet not transgressing from the Canonical Devine Dictates.

In the Fiefdoms of the Middle East, it is the Al-Saud Dynasty which would most likely be uprooted first, then the rest would fall like house of cards. The ruling elites of Al Saud family are very much revered by the MFD & A of other Muslim countries and also by the USA and some European countries. However, they are more bitterly despised by the Muslims across the board. They have always colluded with unsavory Individuals, institutions and Governments to the detriment of other Muslims, or Muslim causes, to perpetuate and lengthen their stronghold on the government and its resources.

Once the revolution is completed, there would be no place for radicalism in this new world of Islam and these youngsters of today would, by then, be mature enough to understand the consequences of Ottoman slumber, Mughal’s Orgies, and Dynastic (Caliphatic) distortions and rivalries. They ought to be prudent enough to understand the meanings and limitations of tolerance and mutual co existence, as no one would dare dictate them. A blend of Power and wisdom ensures prosperity and peace. Let us wait and witness the ultimate plotter‘s plot, and the execution of Devine justice. In Qura’an God says “I am bigger plotter than they are”


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