Is Gaddafi Next?

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I wrote this article after the Iraq Invasion and destruction by us, the leader of Human values and Civil Liberties at selected locations, when and where desired. Here it would be relevant to point out that Kashmiri and Palestinian Muslims are not even humans because we are not interested in them. In both of these places of conflict, there is no Oil.


There is no strategic Importance of those areas. One is being managed by our Mob-Boss, ISRAEL; who can exterminate the people misbehaving with absolute impunity. The other one, emaciated paper tiger, poverty-ridden, but hegemon of the area, with a big chunk of the consumer market, plays “Holy” (Hindu color throwing festival) with the blood of innocent Kashmiris. We are suffering from the delusion that India would be our counterweight to China. We willingly ignored the reality that they are decades apart in their developmental stage and pace and it would never be able to counter/impede China. If History is any guide, Hindus have never been faithful to anyone ever. Anyhow the Satanic Forces are at play again. I must clarify that I am ardently pro-revolution and not a fan of Ghaddafi either. But am against any opportunistic and fraudulent foreign intervention to commandeer this revolution to achieve their nefarious goals. Tunisia has been managed, though by chance. The Egyptian revolution was being managed right from the day one since Egyptian army cannot wash its hands from billions of dollars annual handout. Yemeni Leader Saleh is also being given every assistance to prolong since he is fighting our war against so-called terrorists. Most of all it does not have Saudi Blessings, the step/illegitimate father of we, Americans. These idiots (Saudis) do not know that we will ease them out in a split second if it is in our interest.
Anyhow here is the article which had been published some time back.

Is Gaddafi Next After Saddam?
Shakir MumtazFebruary 24, 2009. There is a new chatter in the western circles about Gaddafi after he was elected as a leader of the African Union. Obama is being warned to be careful of his ideological ambitions with regard to Pan-Arabism and Pan-Africanism.

Though the position is merely ceremonial yet, according to the fear mongers, could be used to incite the pro-Africa sentiments; in the face of USA´s Afri-com idea, to control the continent.

He is being cited as an ideologue who is working, on the lines of Jamal Abdul Nasser of Egypt; on the Idea of Pan-Arabism, which did not take root. Now he is working on the new idea of Pan-Africanism.

The stimulus, motivation behind all this, according to these so-called analysts, intellectuals, cum-fear-mongers, is his anti-west, anti-US stance and rhetoric. It may also be an international Black on Black tactics.

On the other hand, however, if the USA or the West have similar stances, which are mostly overt, are always cloaked in the garb of Democracy,  or Human rights preservation.

Then it is absolutely Ok, but if any one else, especially a Muslim leader, Country has them then it is the gravest of the sins on this Planet.

Out of five, there are only two continents with a heavy concentration of Muslims or African and are labeled as Crescent of Crisis, Hub of terrorism and what not.

Who brought them to this level, who abducted the Africans from Sierra Leon, who robbed Indian sub-continent of its resources via East India Company are redundant questions. Should British, French, Dutch, USA pay the reparation to the People of these continents never even crossed the minds of all these warners who are incessantly pounding on Gaddafi?

First, it was Nawab Liaqat Ali Khan, then Z.A. Bhutto of Pakistan, then Zia-ul Haque of Pakistan, then Shah Faisal of Saudi Arabia, then Mosaddaq of Iran, then Saddam Hussain, and now is the turn of Qaddafi. He needs to be silenced. There will be no one left after that. 

After all of them having been eliminated there will be a level playing field for all kind of frolicking and orgies, no one left to object. Those who are left; Saudis, Pakis, Egyptians, are all tamed pigs, wagging their tails as a sign of loyalty and servitude due to shock and awe suppository.

There is no mention of many, comparatively of less fame, who have been eliminated in several countries. of these two continents, such as; Somalia, Sudan, Lebanon, Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Muslims of Philippine, Chechenia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, UgherMuslims (China), Iran, Iraqi Kurds and on and on………


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