No, It is not Democracy.

Why my articles are not appearing on the search engines and how to do that so that people can have access to them. right now the site is asking for password???????? what is this non sense??????

Food for Thoughts


A torch of freedom marathon has been lit in Tunisia and is on march to its destination through Muslim world. This torch has NOT been lit by any revolutionary leader, religious Scholar, foreign conspiracy, champion of Human dignity and Democratic values. It has been ignited by the Ultimate Planner, halting the decades of repression, injustice, humiliation and decadence of values and cultures.

Could any one really think that an incident of self immolation by a young man in a third world country would spark a streak of demonstrations throughout the Muslim World ? No, off course not. The incidents of this nature happens so very often in this part of the world now-a-days, that often they are not considered meritorious enough to even be reported.

Now, Decades passed, of slumber, ignorance and decadence, brought heaps of humiliation through subjugation, slavery, forced Proselytization. Muslims were left vulnerable to steep into…

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