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Qura’an & Science

December 18, 2014

Qura’an & Science                                                                                

For all those; Curious and seeking Divine Validation, regardless of faith

Science has become so prominent that any aspect of life cannot be deliberated without reference to it. Its huge influence can be understood by the diametric shift in the core belief of a prominent segment of our society. If we look some decades back majority of scientists were either agnostics or atheists. That trend, by far, has been reversed; especially after the extensive experimentations done under the regime of quantum physics. The processes of quantum mechanics follow a regime which negates the conventional rules of physics and that non conformity has pushed human psyche towards a logical and reasoned acceptance of the Creator. Just to corroborate the shift pointed out, here is what John Glenn, an American astronaut has said. He admitted not only the existence of God but also His omnipotence that controls the entire universe. He also said that there are many religious realities which are beyond the access of our sense, but we certainly know, through their visible effects, that they exist, and this leads us to believe that Universe is controlled by an omnipotent Power.

This diametric shift in the thinking of brilliant and knowledgeable class of society raises an obvious question as to what really the sacred scriptures do offer and how is it synchronized with the latest scientific discoveries; Whereby we can convince ourselves that these are the words of the Creator. Here caution need to be exercised and we ought to be mindful that science operates in an evolutionary realm and would (given the conditions) result in either right or wrong conclusion whereas Scripture such as Qura’an is the final word of the Creator. Therefore science has to seek validation of its conclusions in the scriptures and not the other way around. Case in point, from the pages of history, being that the theory of Ptolemy was repudiated whereas that of Pythagoras was affirmed.

Pre, Post, Embryonic development of Human-beingsQura’an is one of the most sacred scriptures and presents dazzling account of some scientific processes though it was revealed 16 centuries ago. At that time Arabian Peninsula was steeped in the abyss of ignorance (Jahliyya) let alone the scientific knowledge. Scientific discoveries in the purview of this expose are latest which have been accentuated by brilliant scientists. The process which stands out with acute details is that of human conception. It left scientist aghast as to the miraculous conformity of the stages of pre and post embryonic developments discovered by the science. (Surah Al Mo’menoon V-12-15)


The second one is that of water cycle; the main catalyst and precursor of life. The cycle starts with water evaporation from the oceans, lakes and other reservoirs to the atmosphere. Then some of it is stored on the mountain tops and the isolated recesses such as Antarctica; away from the pollutants, for year round supply of fresh water. Part thereof is distributed throughout the earth by the process of rain; for germination and sustenance of life. Excess is added back to the aquifers of the earth, rivers, lakes and oceans. (Surah Al Furqan V 47-50) & (Surah Ibrahim V-32)

 Omnipotence and its ApplicationIn Qura’an there are repeated references to the sentient beings in the Havens, in the Earth and in between. Qura’an maintains a distinction between animated and in-animated beings by describing them by the word “Mun” and “Maa” respectively. The word used in the above reference is “MUN”. Therefore, we can safely assume that the universe is life abound. Qura’an also declares absolute authority of the Sovereign over everything in unequivocal terms so that its omnipotence could be understood with clarity. It is declared in Qura’an “our word for a thing we intend is to be and it is” (Surah Nahal V 40)

Water based origin of living beings

Scientific postulation that life started from water is confirmed in Qura’an by declaring “We made every living thing out of water” (Surah Al- Anbiyaa V- 30) It is also asserts that ‘’all animals, creeping on their bellies, walking on two legs and on four have their origin in water and that they understand their prayers unto the Creator” (Al Noor V-41, 45).


Honey bee was directly instructed by the Creator to establish her hive on the higher planes (to preserve Honey from contamination). It manifests the logistical prowess of the Creator in managing minutest details of the universeIt is well known that if a honey-bee sits on a pile of filth other bees would prevent her from entering the hive and endangering the colony by killing her. A little pondering here would reveal His pro-creational balancing at every levels of the Universe. Miraculously Honey never goes bad and is well known for its nutritional and healing properties. (Surah Al Nahal V-68 & 69)

Relocations of the Planet Earth and Sun

Recently I came across a verse in Qura’an which overwhelmed me since it displayed Creator’s incessant facilitation of our existence on this planet. Despite the fact that we human out of sheer ignorance and boastfulness often turn ingrate. It is very humbling to realize that He knows it too well and is still kind to us. He says in (Surah Bani Israel V-11); “He created man from a drop and soon he turned into quarrelsome one”& also “that man is more than anything contentious” (Surah Kahaf V 54)

In the above mentioned verse (Sura Ar Ra’ad V- 2); which inspired this piece it is said “(We) compelled the Sun and the Moon to be of service each runs unto an appointed term” The allusion here is to their strategic positioning for life sustainment and their orbital circulation in an appointed time for the creation of circadian circle for the facilitation of all sentient being. It is further elaborated in (Surah Al–Anaam V 96, 97) where it is declared that “He is the cleaver of the day break and He has appointed the night for stillness (rest) and (created) the Sun and the Moon for reckoning” (of the time, day and night etc). It goes on explaining further that “He has set for you the stars that ye may guide your course by them amid the darkness of the land and the sea” Ancient people made good use of this knowledge and embarked on epochal journeys resulting in discoveries of new lands and development of trade routes.

Compliance by the in-animated entities

Here is how the process of creation of and ordination to in-animated bodies takes place. It is declared “Our Lord is He who gave shape to everything, then guidance” (Surah Taha V-50)

Now here is how these bodies submit to His will. Allmightly asked (the gaseous cloud and the earth) “Come to my obedience both of you, willingly or unwillingly”—both said– “We come willingly” (Surah As-sajdah V- 11)


Earth was made from the Sun’s orbital debris closer to sun. Later on it migrated to the existing position. Sun’s orbits are of two kinds; Inner orbit consists of rocks and outer orbit consists of ice. It is well known that creation of our solar system took place about 4.5 billion years ago whereas that of Big-Bang (Which is presumed to be the point of creation of the Universe) about 13.5 billion years.


It is astonishing however that despite a quantum leap in scientific knowledge science so far has no knowledge of the time, process and place of the Sun’s formation. The only thing discerned about the sun is that its material came from other planets. Historically SUN was called “Sol” by the Greeks and “Helio” by the Romans. Qura’an however has asserted it being migrated to its existing orbit.

Culmination of the episode

This episode has been summed up beautifully in (Surah Furqan v-61, 62) in these words “Glorious is the one who made stellar formations in the sky and placed therein a Lamp (Sun) and a bright Moon (61) and He is the one who made the day and the night following each other, for the one who wishes to show gratitude” (62). Scientists who are observing moon are baffled by the mysterious glow/ light on the surface of the moon. It was first noticed at the time of landing on the moon. A mysterious glow was stemming from a crater named “Aristarchus”  hence called Aristarchus Enigma. This phenomenon has been alluded to (above) by describing moon as “Bright Moon”. Moon plays an important role in periodical determinations of Islamic rituals and traditions and is the only planet which necessitates a prayer to be uttered at its sighting. (Crater Aristarchus is named after a Muslim scholaral-Zarqali al-Naqqash ,His Latinized name, ‘Arzachel’ is formed from the Arabic al-Zarqali al-Naqqash, meaning ‘the engraver” The crater Arzachel on the Moon is named after him.He was particularly talented in Geometry and Astronomy.German scholar Jacob Ziegler wrote a commentary on one of al-Zarqali’s works. In his “De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium” Al-Zarqali corrected geographical data from Ptolemy and Al-Khwarizmi. Specifically, he corrected Ptolemy’s estimate of the length of the Mediterranean sea from 62 degrees to the correct value of 42 degrees[3])

 Planetary migration

Scientific community, for quite sometimes, has been trying to solve the mystery as to how come various planets of our solar system happened to be in their present domicile; defying their makeup which indicates that they were formed elsewhere. Recent research however reveals that Jupiter’s inward journey towards the SUN was impeded by the creation of Saturn. Their gravitational tacking set both of these bodies on outward journey instead. That is how they happened to be where they are now. Other planets of the system- including Earth & Moon-were also pulled out of their original orbits by Jupiter. The point here is that these researches are in line with the Qura’anic revelation that the Sun and the moon were compelled to their existing positions from elsewhere. It is now well established fact that the planetary migration is a rule not an exception.

Orbital rotations

It is important to know that the planets of our solar system complete their orbital rotations not only in different durations but also in fashion. These bodies, with the exception of Earth and Moon, do not move in circular fashion but in elliptical. Uranus completes its orbital rotation in 84.3 years. Neptune in 164.79 years and Jupiter complete its rotation on its own axis in 85 hours. It is an acknowledgement of the Qura’anic truth that our solar system, in addition to Sun &Moon, was specifically put to human service.

 Miscellaneous allusions/affirmations

There are many more affirmations as to the spread of Earth and it being stabilized by mountains as firmaments. The purity of the water rained down. Confluence of waters (sweat and salty).  Mountains and the birds were ordered to hymn along with David. Wind was put under the control of Solomon. (Surah Al Anbiyya V-79, 81) Prophet Solomon’s fast paced journeys, traversing long distances may be an allusion towards the use of worm-hole. Gene’s subservience to human may also help those who are hopping in the abyss of darkness in search of ancient alien astronauts and so called gods who disseminated knowledge of mechanical, technical advances to the people of old.

 It would be propitious for scientist community to make use of this valuable source of first hand information and allusions. Needless to say that Issac Newton’s Gravity theory was supplemented by the work of Al Bairuni-a Muslim Scientist which ultimately made space travel possible.

 Contemplations exhorted

These revelations present several things for human contemplation.

First, that what we are discovering now is already revealed or alluded to in sacred scripture. Second, is His complete command and authority over macro and micro affairs of the Universe, repudiating the postulation of the Deism; that God made the world and then became disinterested or left it to be run by the rules and principles devised. It is asserted in Qura’an that “We are not un-mindful of the Creation” (Surah mo’menoon V-17) Third, that the universe is full of life, though may or may not be cognizable by us. Fourth, that everything whether animated or in-animated is not only receptive but bound to be obedient to His commands. Fifth, that intelligence, consciousness, resoluteness and servitude are the hallmark of the entire Creation. Sixth, He declared all these as His signs to be pondered upon.

Just pondering on these points may lead one to the light we all are in search of in our own ways.

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