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April 29, 2015


One of the early wars fought by Muslims is “Al-Ahzab” which has several distinctive features but it became famous due to a new war-strategy of trench–“Al-Khandaq”— which was the brain-child of Salman Farsi (R.A). Salman Farsi, a Persian by descent, freed himself from an artificially imposed slavery of a Jew and devoted his life to Islam. He observed this strategy being practiced by Persians. When he broached this idea to the Prophet (PBUH) he accepted it since it would protect Muslims from out of Madina massive attack. The trench dug at the entrance to Madina at the time of Al-Ahab war was about three and a half miles long, about 6 ft deep and 6 feet wide and completed in just six days. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) practically participated in digging this trench. This war was fought in lashing winter and financially straitened conditions. Most of the Sahabah including Prophet went hungry for days. The total number of fighters was three thousand with only thirty-six horses. Opposing army was a coalition of several Jewish, Meccan, Quresh, tribes some of which are Aslam, Ashja, Banu Murrah, Banu Kinanah, Fazarah and Ghittan consisting of 12000 to 15000 well-equipped men, more than 300 horses and 1000 camels. One of the tribes of Madina, Bani Quraizah, who had a peace treaty with the Muslims also broke off and joined the enemy forces. This multiplied the danger from within and without Madina. The coalition was formed in the hope of eliminating the new religion once for all.

In the course of digging the trench, a huge glossy rock impeded the process and the matter was referred to Prophet. Prophet came to the site and took the matter in his own hands and struck the rock reciting a short verse of Qura’an (Surah Al Anam 6, V-115) meaning—“And the word of your Lord is perfect in truth and justice—none is there to change His words”. Prophet struck the rock three times and each time 1/3rd of it broke off. Some of the Sahaba, (Companions) (R.A) observed a gleaming light emerging from it at all three occasions. Upon inquiring Prophet explained that in the First light I was shown the cities of Yaman and those of Cyrus and in the Second I was shown the red palaces of Byzantine thereupon Arch Angel Jibril (R.A) gave me the good news that your Ummah (Nation/Community) will conquer them. Hearing this, Muslims felt at peace and assured of their successes in the times to come.      (Muslims may recite this Surah while undertaking some difficult task)

Upon hearing this prediction, hypocrites, who were with Muslims just to keep their cover and half-heartedly involved in digging the trench, started taunting Muslims, by asking, do you really believe what Prophet has said? Look at you all! Who are; digging this trench so overwhelmed, that can’t even take care of personal needs! Do you really believe you will be the conqueror of the kingdoms of Byzantine and Persia as promised? This is what is expressed in Surah Al Ahzab, 33 V- 12 “And those having malady in their hearts were saying “Allah and His Prophet did not promise us but deceitfully”

The time was so critical for Muslims that the whole faith was at stake. Strenuous and strained circumstances, fear of enemy massive attack from within and without. On top of it, all hypocrites were trying to plant the doubts in their minds. Had it worked! Would have been immensely devastating and most probably changed the course of Muslim History. By the grace of Allah however, it was braved by righteous Muslims with absolute belief in Allah and His Prophet. Exemplary immutability of true believers was displayed.  Trench proved to be very effective in holding back the enemy fighters for a significant period of time. In this period some tactical and diplomatic initiatives were undertaken and desired results achieved. This war was won with flying colors by the will and grace of Allah. Eventually, the prediction also came true and Sahabah (R.A) witnessed the Conquests of Byzantine and Persia first hand. The hypocrisy of the hypocrites stood exposed.

To Paradise with Children.

April 12, 2015

Children are instinctively adored and desired. Their existence ensures eugenic reproductive cycle and its continuity. In certain cultures children are enormously important for they represent status, continuity of hierarchy and fertility of the couple. People in such cultures may go to any extreme to produce children. This kind of compulsive obsession is in contravention of normal behavior as well as religious ethicality. Having off springs is a basal function of all living beings but for human being, due to his status as “Crown of the Creation” and subjective to “retributive judgment” it becomes extremely consequential. It is like carrying a bare double edged sword; for they could turn out to be useful or hurtful. Well educated, well mannered, well placed are nothing but an asset and mercy for the parents, whereas socially unacceptable, unproductive, illiterate a source of shame and chastisement. Parent’s role is crucially deterministic for either of these situations. It is therefore, of utmost importance that they are socially and culturally acceptable in temporal world and amenable to the hereafter.

In normal circumstances Children’s “expediently beneficial status”, in the overall scheme of the world, may remain intact but their “necessarily beneficial status” would be marginalized if their excessive desire/love becomes a cause of distraction from or neglect of obligatory religious duties. It is said in Qura’an in Surah Anfal-8, V-28 & Surah Tagaabun (mutual disillusion) 64, V-15—“Beware! your wealth and your children are but a distraction/trial” Then in Surah Al-Kahaf 18, V-46 it is elucidated—“Wealth and Children are adornments of the life of this world” then it is further explained in Surah Aale-Imran 3, V- 185—“The comfort/wealth of this world is nothing but illusion” and then accentuated in SurahTawba 9, V-38—“Wealth of this world is but (of) little (value) in the hereafter” The underlying message therefore, is that though children are love of life but having them entail responsibilities and if not fulfilled  would render them of little value. Then again, to strike a balance between love and responsibility, in Surah Munafiquun (hypocrites) 64, V-9 an emphatic warning is given “O believers let not your passions and your children distract/divert you from God’s remembrance” (passions–for worldly allurements and children).

Necessarily beneficial.

Two Surahs quoted hereunder emphatically explain the notion of “Necessarily beneficial”. Surah Luqman 31, V-33 says- “and fear a day when no father will suffice his son and no son will suffice his father in the least” & in Surah Toor 52, V-21 it is said- “and those who believe and their seeds follow them in faith, we cause their seeds to join them-(in Paradise)-we deprive them not of their life’s work”

On Judgment day various modes of intercession would be operative. One of which is between parents and children. Surah Luqman 31, V- 33 refers to the situation where either the father or his progeny is not a believer. This mode of intercession, in such a case, would become inoperable and the acquisition of “Necessarily Beneficial” lost. The requirement for this privilege is the continuity of “faith” & “Blood line”.

“Necessarily Beneficial” status could best be described as (1) it gives one the access to Paradise despite lacking in his/her record of good deeds (2) it ensures the continuation of  “Faith” down the generational line (3) Allah does not want to deprive believers of their life’s work.

A subtle point deserving our attention, which could very well be appreciated by the people of understanding, is that Allah chose the word “Walad” for the first part of the verse and “Mawluud” for the second part. Most-probable reason is that “son” is a common noun and represents any son, whereas “mawluud” specifies the one borne out of the lion of a father in question. Cascading or opposite benefit of intercession would continue being available, as long as the blood line and faith continuity is maintained.

A “Son” may be entitled to temporal “Expediently Beneficial” status regardless of the requisites whereas “Necessarily Beneficial” status would only be available when above mentioned particular mode of intercession is operative meeting the requisites. It may be further clarified that the first beneficence is of universal/secular nature whereas the second one is of specific/religious nature.

Another even more subtle hint given, through this order of selection, most probably, is that:–Father’s (parents) love for his progeny, evidently, is more intense than that of the progeny’s for the parents. Therefore the possibility of bringing the benefit by a father to his son is proportionately more, than the son—who is born out of his lion. (Parent’s instinctively passionate love—a blessing for the progeny but cause of warning for them)

Note;-Curious minds might wonder, why Mother has been absent in this whole discourse? There are several probabilities 1- Mother, essentially being part and parcel of the family unit, is inevitably represented when Qura’an talks about father as a family-head. 2- Traditional family Lineage is represented by the father figure-head. 3- Intensity of Mother’s love sure surpasses that of father and progeny but hierarchal position preceded by the father is preserved without supersession for family-head and blood line reasons. 4) Similarly elation of mother’s status of “having paradise under her feet” is not allowed to be infringed by father’s family-head position. God Knows best.

(If there is any inadvertent shortcoming or misrepresentation, it is squarely mine, the author of this piece, earnestly seeking Allah’s guidance and forgiveness)

In-Box to Black-Box. (Pakistan).—– (Revised)

April 9, 2015

(A quick and brief run-down of events in Pakistan)

Pakistan is increasingly becoming a news-worthy, important country.  Yemen fiasco seems to have enhanced its importance even further. Iran-USA Nuke-Containment deal seems to have saved its unique –Only Muslim Nuclear state—status with permanence, howsoever ephemeral. Now it is up to the potent leadership of Pakistan how best it plays its hand, or else a rare opportunity- which could prove to be a boon in currently lean times—would be lost. Saudis, in this strategic quagmire, would be credulous for the best of the concessions-ever for Pakistan and Pakistanis. It could become the first Gulf country to start according citizenship to Pakistanis and inducting them into their army. Pakistan is the only country, in the face of their experiences and calibrations, who can guarantee the survival of Ale-Saud and their dynasty. It is given that if matters are allowed to be handled by impotent leadership opportunity would sure be squandered. Iran factor is extremely important and it got to be taken into confidence in any circumstances. American administration’s understanding and acknowledgement of Pakistan’s importance and stance on various domestic and globally-strategic issues cannot be over emphasized.

Imran Khan got his wish. PMLN agreed to set up JIT. Khan seems to have been managed. He seems   acquiesced since there was not much fuel left in his tank. Not much to be expected out of JIT. PTI’s position seems precarious since several interest groups are tearing it apart. Khan seems at loss to contain the damage as he is hesitant to take drastic/bold decisions. Khan has made several mistakes but two tactical blunders. 1) Getting married at the peak of protest—tantamount to reneging on New Pakistan promise.  2) Going back to trashed National assembly—becoming part of the status-quo. It will hamper PTI’s performance in KPK and youth’s following drastically. It may even turn out to be political suicide of PTI.  PTI is really at a cross-road. IK must off-load some shady heavy weights and win Karachi by-election or else PTI is doomed.

Military so far has performed splendidly. Would it be able to continue is anybody’s guess as the history does not corroborate it. Political leaches are trying their best to get it bogged down internally or externally, for it is a question of their survival. Should they succeed Pakistan would be at stake. For military it is now or never with a complete cleaning up. An absolutely new, impeccable, vibrant recovery and re-construction oriented set-up without any blemish is a MUST.

Bedouin Pentagon is on the prowl, inexperienced and un-muscled, air-dashed on Yemen. If the conflict is elongated Saudi Arabia may end up badly damaged, weakened or even curtailed. It always stoked anti-Iran sentiments and has been fueling shea’a-sunni strife in several territories though without getting directly enmeshed. This time it attacked out of fright as one of its mercenaries turned around and attacked her. Old arch opponent-Iran-seems to be reclaiming lost ground since it proved to be resilient and better player. It is putting on muscles while strengthening the new and old check-post around—including the one Saudis attacked. Yemen on the other hand is at the brink of long drawn civil war involving several state and non-state players which may spill over to other countries. IS, a most probable beneficiary of this conflict, may be able to expand into few Gulf-States, even if temporarily.

Bedouin Pentagon asked for Pakistan’s military muscles and if given would be a colossal, un-manageable disaster in the given geo-politico-strategic scenario. Pakistan would get steeped into already at hand multi-pronged proxy wars being fueled by BP and others. It would further isolate Pakistan making it a perfect candidate for terror sponsoring state. Foremost target inevitably would be   Nuclear Assets. These minions would prove to be as spineless as they were to Saddam Hussain. They are opportunistic illegitimate despots. They have been parking our looted money in their banks, using our territories for illegal hunting, waging and funding proxy wars, spreading extremism, disrespecting and incarcerating our hard working citizens—in exchange of pittance of oil and money. BP is well known for nefarious, Anti Muslims, Anti Muslim-States activities such as –getting rid of Yasser Arafat, allowing Palestinian butchering by Israel, Killing of Saddam Husain, allowing the destruction of Iraq, Killing of Gaddafi, allowing destruction of Libya, Removal of Mohammad Mursi. BP can’t be trusted at any cost. Pakistani military must put their feet down and must not let politicians play their disastrous game.

West has its own game plan, accomplishing it smartly, with the help of its cohort Muslim-traitors. It is destroying Muslim countries, societies, cultures, economies and core belief-structure. Sectarian war is the most efficient and destructive tool, west has ever employed, for comprehensive destruction of the Muslims once for all.

Lastly—Ex Gen. Musharraf does not seem to have any political room to fit in unless somehow squeezed in by military– which seems highly improbable in the given situation. He lacks leader like luster for domestic audience, does not have constituency but a small clout, behaving as if still an active General. Caries lot of baggage became part of the Staus-Quo. His political acumen- may be at par with that of Imran Khan. Both are resident of fantasy land–One playing PM and other active Gen. Both prone to blunders.

Constructive comments/critique is welcome.

Why Christianity does not acknowledge Prophet Lot. (lut)

April 8, 2015

If you speak to a Christian and talk about Prophet Lot the answer would be bewilderment.

This has been quite surprising to me but now, I think, I have figured out the reason. Let me share it with those who might find it astonishing, different, or simply an Islamic P.O.V.

 The answer lies in a series of assertions.


1) Why Virgin Mary (Maryam) is depicted as God forbid, an infidel……. to justify the rampant and pervasive infidelity; which is committed with impunity. (Married/Infidel Can not be Virgin).

2) Why Jesus does not speak in childhood, in Christianity……..because he testified of his   Prophecy and against any infidelity committed thereby absolving Mary. This very fact shakes the very foundation of Christianity and invalidates the impunity granted to by design infidelity.

3) Why Jesus is Son of God and not a Prophet…..because, in addition to above, there would be no difference between Christianity and Judaism (and Islam as well) despite an accepted fact that Jesus Christ was a Jew. Surprisingly he gave a religion (Christianity) which he never brought or practiced.


Similarly acknowledging Prophet Lut would mean trashing out the created edifice of GBTL.

What struck me, however, is the vehement defense of GBTL but much severer contempt of those not approving. This vehemence is anecdotal and was meted out even at the time of Prophet Lut. Prophet Lut was threatened to be an outcast if he did not stop the opposition to Sodomy. He nevertheless, replied, “I am hateful to your act” He didn’t say though that “I hate you” (Sodomist). (It is suggestive of an appropriate behavior for people)


The divine punishment meted out was that the Town was lifted up and thrown back on the ground.

The punishment deduced, therefore, is that a sodomist should be crushed to death by throwing a Wall on him or he should be thrown from a height. (Hanafi School of thought exclusively).


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