Why Christianity does not acknowledge Prophet Lot. (lut)

If you speak to a Christian and talk about Prophet Lot the answer would be bewilderment.

This has been quite surprising to me but now, I think, I have figured out the reason. Let me share it with those who might find it astonishing, different, or simply an Islamic P.O.V.

 Answer lies in a series of assertions.


1) Why Virgin Mary (Maryam) is depicted as, God forbid, an infidel……. to justify the rampant and pervasive infidelity; which is committed with impunity. (Married/Infidel Can not be Virgin).

2) Why Jesus does not speak in childhood, in Christianity……..because he testified of his   Prophecy and against any infidelity committed thereby absolving Mary. This very fact shakes the very foundation of Christianity and invalidates the impunity granted to by design infidelity.

3) Why Jesus is Son of God and not a Prophet…..because, in addition to above, there would be no difference between Christianity and Judaism (and Islam as well) despite an accepted fact that Jesus Christ was a Jew. Surprisingly he gave a religion (Christianity) which he never brought or practiced.


Similarly acknowledging Prophet Lut would mean trashing out the created edifice of GBTL.

What struck me however is vehement defense of GBTL but much severer contempt of those not approving. This vehemence is anecdotal and was meted out even at the time of Prophet Lut. Prophet Lut was threatened to be an outcast if he did not stop the opposition to Sodomy. He nevertheless, replied “I am hateful to your act” He didn’t say though that “I hate you” (Sodomist). (It is suggestive of an appropriate behavior for people)


Divine punishment meted out was that the Town was lifted up and thrown back on the ground.

The punishment deduced therefore is that a sodomist should be crushed to death by throwing a Wall on him or he be thrown from height. (Hanafi School of thought exclusively).



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