In-Box to Black-Box. (Pakistan).—– (Revised)

(A quick and brief run-down of events in Pakistan)

Pakistan is increasingly becoming a news-worthy, important country.  Yemen fiasco seems to have enhanced its importance even further. Iran-USA Nuke-Containment deal seems to have saved its unique –Only Muslim Nuclear state—status with permanence, howsoever ephemeral. Now it is up to the potent leadership of Pakistan how best it plays its hand, or else a rare opportunity- which could prove to be a boon in currently lean times—would be lost. Saudis, in this strategic quagmire, would be credulous for the best of the concessions-ever for Pakistan and Pakistanis. It could become the first Gulf country to start according citizenship to Pakistanis and inducting them into their army. Pakistan is the only country, in the face of their experiences and calibrations, who can guarantee the survival of Ale-Saud and their dynasty. It is given that if matters are allowed to be handled by impotent leadership opportunity would sure be squandered. Iran factor is extremely important and it got to be taken into confidence in any circumstances. American administration’s understanding and acknowledgement of Pakistan’s importance and stance on various domestic and globally-strategic issues cannot be over emphasized.

Imran Khan got his wish. PMLN agreed to set up JIT. Khan seems to have been managed. He seems   acquiesced since there was not much fuel left in his tank. Not much to be expected out of JIT. PTI’s position seems precarious since several interest groups are tearing it apart. Khan seems at loss to contain the damage as he is hesitant to take drastic/bold decisions. Khan has made several mistakes but two tactical blunders. 1) Getting married at the peak of protest—tantamount to reneging on New Pakistan promise.  2) Going back to trashed National assembly—becoming part of the status-quo. It will hamper PTI’s performance in KPK and youth’s following drastically. It may even turn out to be political suicide of PTI.  PTI is really at a cross-road. IK must off-load some shady heavy weights and win Karachi by-election or else PTI is doomed.

Military so far has performed splendidly. Would it be able to continue is anybody’s guess as the history does not corroborate it. Political leaches are trying their best to get it bogged down internally or externally, for it is a question of their survival. Should they succeed Pakistan would be at stake. For military it is now or never with a complete cleaning up. An absolutely new, impeccable, vibrant recovery and re-construction oriented set-up without any blemish is a MUST.

Bedouin Pentagon is on the prowl, inexperienced and un-muscled, air-dashed on Yemen. If the conflict is elongated Saudi Arabia may end up badly damaged, weakened or even curtailed. It always stoked anti-Iran sentiments and has been fueling shea’a-sunni strife in several territories though without getting directly enmeshed. This time it attacked out of fright as one of its mercenaries turned around and attacked her. Old arch opponent-Iran-seems to be reclaiming lost ground since it proved to be resilient and better player. It is putting on muscles while strengthening the new and old check-post around—including the one Saudis attacked. Yemen on the other hand is at the brink of long drawn civil war involving several state and non-state players which may spill over to other countries. IS, a most probable beneficiary of this conflict, may be able to expand into few Gulf-States, even if temporarily.

Bedouin Pentagon asked for Pakistan’s military muscles and if given would be a colossal, un-manageable disaster in the given geo-politico-strategic scenario. Pakistan would get steeped into already at hand multi-pronged proxy wars being fueled by BP and others. It would further isolate Pakistan making it a perfect candidate for terror sponsoring state. Foremost target inevitably would be   Nuclear Assets. These minions would prove to be as spineless as they were to Saddam Hussain. They are opportunistic illegitimate despots. They have been parking our looted money in their banks, using our territories for illegal hunting, waging and funding proxy wars, spreading extremism, disrespecting and incarcerating our hard working citizens—in exchange of pittance of oil and money. BP is well known for nefarious, Anti Muslims, Anti Muslim-States activities such as –getting rid of Yasser Arafat, allowing Palestinian butchering by Israel, Killing of Saddam Husain, allowing the destruction of Iraq, Killing of Gaddafi, allowing destruction of Libya, Removal of Mohammad Mursi. BP can’t be trusted at any cost. Pakistani military must put their feet down and must not let politicians play their disastrous game.

West has its own game plan, accomplishing it smartly, with the help of its cohort Muslim-traitors. It is destroying Muslim countries, societies, cultures, economies and core belief-structure. Sectarian war is the most efficient and destructive tool, west has ever employed, for comprehensive destruction of the Muslims once for all.

Lastly—Ex Gen. Musharraf does not seem to have any political room to fit in unless somehow squeezed in by military– which seems highly improbable in the given situation. He lacks leader like luster for domestic audience, does not have constituency but a small clout, behaving as if still an active General. Caries lot of baggage became part of the Staus-Quo. His political acumen- may be at par with that of Imran Khan. Both are resident of fantasy land–One playing PM and other active Gen. Both prone to blunders.

Constructive comments/critique is welcome.

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