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Mursi Awarded Death Penalty

May 20, 2015

Egyptian Kangaroo court has awarded death penalty to 106 people along with Mohammad Mursi, for a jail-break in 2011. Turkey, Amnesty International and Hamas have condemned it. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar are silently supporting it for they do not want to see any political freedom which may, even remotely, threaten their tight-fisted despotic Sheikhdoms. Mursi’s coming to power was a nightmare for them. For one he was part of detested Ikhwan, secondly through a democratic political process. Syria, Iran and Hezbollah supported Ikhwan-ul-Muslemoon coming to power through political process.

Being proponent of Democracy, West is facing a dilemma. Mohammad Mursi was elected through democratic electoral process which could not be condemned despite entrenched hatred for Ikhwan. It has always been considered an extremist organization throughout history. Gen.SISI (opposite of ISIS), a planted President of Egypt, is the protector of western and Bedouin Pentagon’s interests. Hypocrisy of the West is evident as Gen. SISI translated their loathsome sentiments about Mursi, coupled with his own survival antidote, into Capital punishment of Mursi and hundreds of others, which is being condemned by the world.

Bedouin Pentagon inexperienced and un-muscled is on the offensive,  attacking Houthi tribe by Air. Should the conflict be dragged Saudi Arabia may end up badly damaged, weakened or even curtailed. It always stoked Anti-Iran-Sentiments and has been fueling shea’a-sunni strife in several Muslim populated territories; propagating its Wahabi-doctrine, through proxies. Saudi Arabia attacked Yemeni Houthis for two reasons. One being that, one of its mercenaries IS turned around and attacked her. Second is that USA refused to play its game of removing Bashar-Al-Asad by overtly attacking Syria and negotiated a nuclear deal with her arch enemy Iran. Iran-seems to be reclaiming lost ground for, it proved to be resilient and a better player. It is putting on muscles while strengthening the new and old check-posts around—including Yemen. Yemen is at the brink of long drawn civil war, involving several state and non-state players, which may spill over to other countries. IS would be a most probable beneficiary of this conflict. It may be able to expand into few Gulf-States, even if temporarily. Iran is posturing forcefully and has threatened to put the whole Middle East on fire. Iran is emerging as a determined and assertive country after enduring Eight years of Iran-Iraq war and decade long sanctions by the west.

Bedouin Pentagon asked for Pakistan’s military assistance, which was refused due to several internal and external imperatives. Had it been given would have been a colossal, un-manageable disaster in the given geo-politico-strategic scenario. Pakistan would have enmeshed deeper into, already at hand, multi-pronged proxy wars; being fueled by BP and others. It would have isolated Pakistan making it a perfect candidate for terror sponsoring state. Consequently foremost target, inevitably, would have been its Nuclear-assets. These minions would have proved to be as spineless as they were in the case of Saddam Hussain. They are opportunistic illegitimate despots. They have been parking Pakistan’s looted money in their banks, using Pakistan’s territories for illegal hunting, waging and funding proxy wars, spreading extremism, disrespecting and incarcerating hard working Pakistani citizens, denying any rights (citizenship) to even those born in those countries—in exchange of pittance of oil and money. BP is well known for nefarious, Anti Muslims, Anti Muslim-States activities such as –getting rid of Yasser Arafat, allowing Palestinian butchering by Israel, Killing of Saddam Husain, allowing the destruction of Iraq, Killing of Gaddafi, allowing destruction of Libya, Removal of Mohammad Mursi. BP can’t be trusted at any cost. Hats off to Pakistani military who put his feet down and refused to let Inept, self serving politicians play their disastrous game.

West has its own game plan, implementing it smartly, with the help of its cohorts such as Bedouin Pentagon. It is destroying Muslim countries, their societies, cultures, economies and core belief-structure. Sectarian war is the most efficient and destructive tool, west has ever employed, for comprehensive destruction of the Muslims once for all.

Save the generations from becoming disillusioned.

May 3, 2015

It is alarming that schools, colleges, and universities in the West generally and in the United States specifically are working on a deliberate plan to churn out younger generation Anti-Religion, Anti-Nation. BBC recently aired a program where it was narrated that Christians are afraid of publically declaring themselves as Christians. The reason is that Atheists attack theist with such ferocity that most theists, because of lack of knowledge or religious befuddlement, take refuge in hiding their theistic beliefs. Surprisingly it is not the case with Christians only. Muslims are facing that dilemma twice—an attack from atheists—- and —another from Islamophobes. The result is that Muslims with little or no knowledge are also compelled to accept unsavory labels of “Secular-Muslims” or “liberal-Muslims” Some, to avoid these slanderous terms use a bit more acceptable term of “Contemporary-Muslims”–In an attempt to distinguish themselves as enlightened, modern Muslims. All of these classifications are untenable from an Islamic perspective. The point to ponder is why is it happening on such a massive scale and what forces are working behind it. Church, no doubt, has miserably failed to keep the Church goers and attract the new adherents. There could be several reasons for it, but few obvious ones are, commoditization of religion, commercialization of church activities, Misappropriation or nonreligious use of contributions. Mosques, on the other hand, are generally manned by illiterate, with little or no religious knowledge imams, who in many cases can’t even read or speak English. Their main role, therefore, is limited to leading the prayers. Main reason for poor quality Imams is financial constraints. A very famous mega Church leader in GA is planning to gather 15 million $ for buying an airplane for his personal use. Several  church-related figures have already been trashed in the media on similar accounts.

Why younger generation, is thronging to Atheism?

Another reason is the parent (s) casual and expedient lifestyle where religiosity takes a back seat. There is no concerted effort to instill the religious values in the mind and behavior of a kid. Freedom of religion and freedom of choice is overemphasized which culminates in an individualistic mindset– without any pre-set boundaries. Expedient morality bits starts from anywhere and to whatever one deems fit. Everyone establishes its own set of self-satisfying rules—which are bound to result in conflict at the wider stage of the world. When such minds, due to natural propensity or worldly compulsion, think to fall in conformity with the universally accepted values of morality and conduct, an insurmountable challenge is faced. They have to unlearn what they have been living by first, since childhood, and then learn the religious, new values, fresh. In the face of this arduous undertaking easiest and readily available course, therefore, is to resign to already pulling liberal/atheistic forces. Hence another fine mind is lost to the abyss of ATHEISM forever.

Our ambivalent or explicit approval of activities condemned in scriptures is another reason for this pandemic. Today any important personality has to think 100 times, before resorting to God in Public discourse, whereas coming out of the closet waving a flag of modern liberalism has become a matter of pride. The result is that most media outlets would flatly refuse to carry any opinion against gays and lesbians. Religions or religious figures, however, could be ridiculed and desecrated with perfect impunity in the name of freedom of expression. (Absolutely inapplicable to any opinion against gays and lesbians)  On several TV Channels, it is a fait accompli to replace the word God with extra-terrestrials or some other synonym. On History Channel on May 1st, 2015 2, PM show it was said that Moses went to the mountains not to meet God but extraterrestrials. We, therefore, have to reverse this situation with serious, all out efforts if we have to save this nation and country from disillusionment and ideological demise.

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