Human skin color in Qura’an .

people of color 1layer of mountain 1

This is a close-up of vegetables and fruits.

This is a close-up of vegetables and fruits.

 Surah Fatir (Creator/Originator) 35, V – 27 & 28
Have you not seen that God caused water to fall from the sky, and produced therewith fruits of diverse hues; and among the hills are streaks white and red, of diverse hues, and others of raven black. (27) And men, beasts, cattle, in like manner, of diverse hues? The Erudite among his bondsmen fear God alone. He is mighty and forgiving. (28)
In the first verse the colors of in-animated things have been mentioned and in the second those of the animated ones. There, however, is a subtle grammatical difference in two places of the first verse. In the case of fruits, the difference of color is mentioned with an “adverbial” phrase.  In the case of mountains, however, it is expressed by “adjectival” phrase.  According to Arabic grammar, adverb denotes something changeable—as does the color of fruits according to its stages or progression. The adjective denotes something of permanence like that in the case of humans, mountains etc— which are generally fast and abiding and do not change. Color white is mentioned first and black last. (Both being the base colors of the spectrum) White loses its permanence faster whereas the black lasts longer. These colors, in nut-shell, are the embellishment of His creation each with its own importance and characteristics.
However, there is yet another verse # 37 from Surah Ya-Sin 36 which gives this viewpoint more credence by its interpretation. Which is —–God has, in this similitude, pointed out that real element in the universe is “Darkness” and that “Light” is transitory. Once the cover of light is removed what remains is the “Darkness”. From a purely scientific perspective also we barely know a small fraction of the Universe which is visible due to light, rest is covered by darkness.
 Another angle to look at is with regard to the placement of the word “ALSO” in verse 28. Should it be linked with the later part (per some scholars of Qura’an) it would mean that as there are different colors of the fruits & mountains so are the degrees of fear and awe of God in the hearts of the people. Their position, in the sight of God, depends on that degree of fear and awe. Awe of God is an incumbent attribute of men of God since their degree of knowledge corresponds with it; which, however, may not necessarily impact others who have no such fear and awe in them. (Fear and awe could loosely be taken as piety and reverence for easy understanding).
Station of Men of God can well be understood by this Hadith of the Prophet (SAW)
God will assemble His men and say to them;
“I had placed My knowledge in you since I knew you, and I had not placed My knowledge in you so that I punish you. Go, I have forgiven you”

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