INDIAN Hindu Mob Lynches a Muslim on just a rumor about Beaf?

Hindu Mob

INDIA is our favorite “STRATEGIC PARTNER—-Shining, Secular INDIA Where 10,000 Muslims were burnt alive by CM Moodi in Gujrat, Muslims are poorest of the poor even below the UNTOUCHABLES in India, Mosques and Churches are being demolished by Hindu Extreemists. Muslims & Christians are being forced to convert to HINDUISM. Where Indian Muslims Celebs Can’t rent or buy property in Bombay. INDIA Swallowed Up the state of SIKKIM and BHUTAN. Wrecking Havoc in Kashmir with 700,000 army deployed to crush the freedom movement. Moodi BOASTED BREAKING up PAKISTAN While recently in BANGLADESH. America wants India to become permanent member of UN SEC Council. Should we cozy up and pamper an ALL AROUND __CRIMINAL_INDIA??? WHERE IS THE AMERICAN & WESTERN CONSCIENCE ?????


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