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Islamophobia—Through YouGove Poll & Pew Research Center Study.

December 30, 2015


Hostility toward Muslims in America exists due to a lack of familiarity with Muslims (and ISLAM).

55% of surveyed Americans had an “unfavorable” opinion of Islam.

Islamophobic sentiments are more common among Americans who are 45 and older, those who are Republican and those who are white.

2015 data shows that 3% of Americans identify as atheist (as well as 4% who say they’re agnostic and 16% who say they’re nothing in particular). By contrast, less than 1% of Americans identify themselves as Muslim.

 29% of Americans (and 43% of Republicans) still believe that Obama is a Muslim, according to a poll by CNN and the Opinion Research Corporation. (Often white, often Republican)


(1) Do you personally happen to work with a Muslim? –– 74% said no.

(2) The survey also asked whether respondents “happen to have any friends who are Muslim” – 68% said no.

(3) Another 87% said they had never been inside a mosque.

Indeed, a YouGov survey conducted in the days after Trump’s comments found that 40% of Americans supported a national registry of Muslims. Yet again, those views were more commonly held mostly by— older respondents and those who were Republican.


Pew conducted a survey that sought out only Muslim respondents, in 2011, they found that negative experiences were commonplace: 28% said that in the past year, people had acted suspiciously of them, 22% said they had been called offensive names and 21% said they had been singled out by airport security.


Being an American reflect honestly! Does this unjust Islamophobia, based on sheer ignorance and prejudice, represents true AMERICA?

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Waiting for conclusive END!

December 9, 2015

Portrait of a Young Shepherd Boy, Northern Territory, Pakistan

When the miracle would happen! When would we hear the long awaited news! When would Judiciary wake up! When would CJ take an action instead of telling us what is wrong! When would Gen Sharif reach logical end? Sweat talks here sweat talks there? Where are the saviors of Pakistan? When would the Criminals of the country be hanged? Above all, when would PM Sharif will be punished? When would Finance Minister be Punished, When would Zardari be punished? When would the big lot of Rapists of Pakistan be punished?  I doubt that would happen in my life! If not. I pray to God, He perishes you all, making an example for the corrupt and callous of the world.



December 4, 2015


Yet another show of savagery by a Muslim named person, whose brother is a decorated Navy VET. From a believer’s point of view, God of any religion would never command such senseless slaughtering of innocent fellow human beings. It is clearly an evil, satanic act. Although it is hard to categorically declare the motive behind this carnage but few facts are worth noticing. In last eleven months there have been 350 + incidents of this nature, killing at least 4 or more people. Daily, at least, 8 children are injured in shooting incidents. In these 350+ shooting 95 % of people involved were–Non-Muslims– majority Anglo-Saxons.  American society is the most heavily armed society in the world, where a bunch of 100 people owns more than 115 weapons. Most of the people involved in shooting were younger, socially alienated people. We do not need such lunatics to destroy already stretched fabric of society. We should not allow sadists or religio-phobes to sow the seeds of suspicion and hatred in the minds and hearts of caring, tolerant and welcoming Americans.  We are next door neighbors, who stand with each other in thick and thin. Government and all other responsible institutions need to pay attention to growing alienation of the younger generation instead of political mud-slinging and point scoring.  Heartiest condolences offered to the loved ones of the victims. Sincerely wishing a speedy and full recovery of injured.

Disavowing or Disowning a Wrong

December 2, 2015


In an individual’s life come several occasions where one hears or sees something untrue, repugnant or altogether false. Most often, a person despite cognitive consonance may get perturbed for his inability to correct, address, refute such a situation due to some, religious, social, familial or political correctness constraints. Such a situation was faced by Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim A.S) when he saw his father, relatives and people of his tribe worshiping false gods. He, despite having explained to them; that they are worshiping wrong god, did not feel satisfied therefore, vehemently and openly declared in their presence that “I free myself (absolve) from what you are worshipping” (Surah Zukhruf 43 V26).


The lesson to be learnt here is; that when someone is living in the company of disbelievers, or those who are habituated of doing wrongful acts, or those who out of sheer ignorance, misconstrue the religious injunctions, or altogether distort to justify their own lapses or that of someone else’s  should not be allowed to get a free-pass. In such a situation any person not raising the voice of concern may inevitably become part of that distortion and resultant sinfulness. In the light of this Qura’anic verse; uttered by Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim A.S) it could be inferred that keeping quiet, ignoring such an injustice/distortion or just being concerned with one’s own good deeds only is not enough.


It is not enough, that one should keep his own deeds and faith on the right track but also declare his disapproval, disavowal in suitable yet distinctly categorical terms.


This view could be corroborated by the Hadith whereby prophet (pbuh) instructed to “stop the one doing wrong with HANDS, TONGUE or the least, THINK of his act as bad act (this being the weakest degree of faith)”  Disapproval, disavowal of bad deeds categorically (even if verbally) would have twofold effect. 1) He would not become part of the sin simply by association or acquiescence. 2) Wrongdoer might heed and change his way—-which would entail immense blessings. This Qura’anic Ayah also corroborates the contemporary saying—–Be part of the solution and not of the problem”


NOTE–(Disapproval, disavowal does not mean, in any form or shape, to resorting to violence or Foisting of one’s opinion on others)




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