Importance of   INSHA-ALLAH—— (God Willing)



Prophet Suleman (Solomon) (A.S) once confided in his companions that when he would go to his wives each would bear a son who would carry out Jihad in the way of Allah. He however, forgot to say INSHA- ALLAH. God did not like this slip and as a result only one of his wives bore a Child; which was still-borne with one side-missing.


In another instance Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) told Jew questioners (who came with 3 famous questions set by Jewish scholars; answers to which would determine, for them, whether he is a true Prophet or a pretended) to come back after two days (or few days) for the answer to their questions. He however, forgot to say IN SHA-ALLAH. The (Wahy) revelation from Allah, contrary to normal routine, did not come for about 15 days, which made Prophet worrisome. Arch Angel Gabriel eventually, due to Allah’s mercy and concern for His Prophet, finally  brought the answers and explained the reason for the delay—That the Prophet (pbuh) forgot to make Allah’s will part of his promise—IN SHA-AlLAH  (Sura Kahaf, V 23, 24)   


In Surah Al Fath 48, V-27 even Allah (swt) Himself had used the phrase “In Sha Allah” Obviously He does not need to use this phrase for Himself since He knows everything including His will. He nevertheless, used this phrase to teach the Prophet (pbuh) and all human beings the importance of this phrase in daily life. It was also used to express the “Certainty” of His promise made to the Prophet—that he will enter Mecca!


Exhortation of a subtle point by the author;- (This phrase also points towards a  “reality”  that Human beings despite having been promised certain thing (s) should remain humble and seekers of His blessings; since He would still be fully entitled and righteous in changing His will, should He will to do so; though highly unlikely, for a host of reasons—which, We may comprehend or may not !— since He is Omnipotent and Omniscience) (I earnestly seek Allah’s refuge).


For the believers here are lessons to be learnt—-Never start or finish any task, event or conversation  without invoking Allah’s “Will”. It would have manifold blessings. It would Keep one from evil deeds, afford blessings (Brakah), shield of Protection & reward of Zikr





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