Cherished Democracy

Si Piensas Votar “MIRA ESTE VIDEO” ¿Estamos En Democracia?

Democracy is a cunningly devised system—it forces the diaspora to be steered in the desired direction by creating a false perception of choice between the two. The third (party) is just an eye-wash for idiots to keep PRAISING THE DEMOCRACY in ignorance. Capitalism is the epitome of the mob-boss of this system…..come on let’s CHERISH THE DEMOCRACY.!!!!!

On a Lighter/stark note:

Democracy-– is– Demon-crazy. Off the people, Buy the people and Far (from the) People

In Rogues, Derrida makes a sustained case for thinking of democracy as being governed by an autoimmune logic. Biologically, autoimmunity describes a kind of bodily self-destruction whereby the body’s immune system produces antibodies or lymphocytes that work against substances naturally present in the body”.

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