Cherished Democracy

Si Piensas Votar “MIRA ESTE VIDEO” ¿Estamos En Democracia?

Democracy is a cunningly devised system—it forces the diaspora to be steered in the desired direction by creating a false perception of choice between the two. The third (party) is just an eye-wash for idiots to keep PRAISING THE DEMOCRACY in ignorance. Capitalism is the epitome of the mob-boss of this system…..come on let’s CHERISH THE DEMOCRACY.!!!!!

Yugoslavia’s, Soviet Union’s and India’s fiddling with democracy, are horrible examples of its failure! Chinese system and Monarchies, on the other hand, seems to be doing fairly-well {excepting overarching control in some cases–which is certainly not repression}

On a Lighter/stark note:

Democracy-– is– Demon-crazy. Off the people, Buy the people and Far (from the) People

In Rogues, Derrida makes a sustained case for thinking of democracy as being governed by an autoimmune logic. Biologically, autoimmunity describes a kind of bodily self-destruction whereby the body’s immune system produces antibodies or lymphocytes that work against substances naturally present in the body”.

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