Pakistan’s Exceptionalism


(Published on FB on 04/20/2018 as Pakistani’s Specialty)

 Pakistanis are second only to Jews who are being pampered by God, despite their numerous lacking. What outweighs all of the lacking, I guess, is their unwavering devotion to Islam, recitation of Qura’an (mostly even without understanding its meanings) and unflinching love for the Prophet (PBUH).

Unlike Jews, however, they are safe from banishment as there is no new Prophet to come with his followers. For this huge favor, which extends to, all Muslim should bow down to Allah (SWT), say Druud for the Prophet (PBUH) and thank Pakistanis.

Pakistan is the only state, after “medina”, created in the name of Islam, with nuclear capability, well-tested, disciplined army, is poised to spearhead the Muslim Ummah.


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4 Responses to “Pakistan’s Exceptionalism”

  1. The guy who fucked your aammi Says:

    Man why do you wish to marry? Don’t! Even think to marry again and reproduce! We don’t need more stupid people like you 😂.
    So let me tell you something you fool, before the separation There was no Pakistan. That whole map of yours was called Hindustan and there were many royal states which after independence became one. As county called India and Pakistan on side with little Land. The area you call Pakistan was once called Mughal empire. 😂 where did you got your education?
    Atleast post something which even makes sense. Unless you are among those of your brainwashed terrorized citizens of Pakistan. #pkmkb


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