This site has been created to give a candid, unapologetic and a syncretic perspective about the issues. This page would include a wide spectrum of issues, such as philosophy, politics, religion, Sufism, doctrinal discourses, intellectual dispensations, social issues, psychological issues, science, and religion or a mix of either of the above or several of them.

The author has been contributing to national and international print media and numerous web-pages for over two decades. A Political analyst, Ex T.V Host In the USA, Ex-Banker (Mid-East) and an Entrepreneur. (USA).

This site or the author does not associate with any particular religious school of thought (madhab) or political entity/leanings, thus valuing and respecting all of them on the basis of their intrinsic and inherent merits and demerits.

For reproducing the articles published here, kindly send us an email with the information about the reproducing site. @ ruqaya@bellsouth.net

Re-production is allowed without any editing or alteration, clearly naming the author and the site address.




Shakir Mumtaz


Atlanta, GA USA

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