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June 24, 2018

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It is always the sense of superiority (haughtiness) which keeps one from accepting the truth/reality (religion/God). Arrogance exuded from a false sense of wizardry, importance and indispensability become a reason for an incorrigible state of denial. It, however, logically, instantaneously pulls a denier to a lower level of intellect and rationality than the one who readily accepts the universal truth.

In selfish, materialistic, atheistic mode of thinking virtue becomes too fragile and feeble; the truth becomes too obscure and faint, to even register.

For the deniers of His signs, religion, prophets and books; Qura’an uses the word “Arzal”; which morphs into “razil”, “zalil”, “ardali”—lowly, mean, and disgraced etc.

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Liberalism/Secularism; A precursor to Atheism

December 24, 2017




Liberalism (or its variants like; secularism, populism {especially right-wing}, enlightenment, etc. are)– is a precursor to Atheism– is, in essence, a euphemism for an anti-religion ranting. It banishes its followers from thinking beyond spatiotemporality; depriving them of the most fulfilling domain–spirituality; fearing lest they find the validation of Divine Philosophy (religion-based universal rules for human life/behavior) instead, which is above and beyond the jurisdiction of evidentiary empiricism and materialism espoused by liberalism and a kind of its anti-thesis–neo-liberalism.

A Reminder for the Deniers/disbelievers

July 23, 2015
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“Kun Fayakun”
God is the one who created you from dust, then from a drop of semen, then from a clot, then He brings you out as an infant, then makes you grow to maturity, then you become old—(though) some of you die early—and reach an appointed term. So you may understand. He is the one who gives life and death, and when He decides to do something He says “Be” and it comes to “Be”
God is the one who made for you the earth a place to live, and the sky a roof, and fashioned you and perfected your shape and provided you with good things. Such is God, your Lord, So Glorious/Blessed, the Lord of the worlds.
God is the one who made for you the nights so that you may rest therein, and the day to let you see. Lo! God is Lord of Bounty for mankind, yet most of mankind give no thanks.
Your Lord has said “Call me, I will respond to you. Those who scorn worshipping me, they will enter Hell, disgraced.
This is said unto them “This is because you exulted in the earth without right and because you were petulant (irritable).  —Enter the Gates of Hell to live there forever. So how evil is the abode of the arrogant!!   (Surah Mumin # 40, & V – 67, 64, 61, 60,

Reality of Atheist

June 22, 2015

Mentally sick Atheist and not even ashamed.

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true”
(Soren Kierkegaard-1833-1855)
Newsweek reported in 1992 that more than three quarters of all Americans pray at least once a week. Even among the 13 % who are atheists or agnostics, nearly one in five prays daily believing that “there is God who hears them”
Life Magazine story of 1994 says that nine out of ten Americans, ignoring speculation that God is dead, pray frequently and earnestly—and almost all say “God has answered their prayer” Time Magazine poll 1996. (Faith and healing) found that 82 % believed that “prayers could heal”
William James (scientist of late 19the century) said “No mental modification ever occurs which is not accompanied or followed by a bodily change” Hundred year later, Norman Cousin succinctly summarized the modern view “belief becomes biology”
Reality—Atheists are simply lying through their teeth.
Scriptural validation
Qura’an repeatedly mentions about the deniers that “there is a disease in their hearts” I took this as an expression of God’s disdain for the deniers in allegorical terms. Until, I came across a study conducted by some German scientists; which confirms it’s reality in unequivocal terms.  With this conclusive finding there, remains no doubt that the HOLY Qura’an is the revealed word of God. Because such a revelation, with such a certainty– 1500 years ago– would simply have been beyond the scope of Human imagination.
Here is what is said about disbelieving people in Qura’an:
Surah Baqarah 2, V – 7 & 10
“God has sealed their hearts and their hearing, and on their eyes there is a covering. Theirs will be an awful doom”
“In their heart is a disease, and God increases their disease, a painful doom is theirs, because they lie”
Surah Baqarah 2,   V 6, 7, 13 & 136
As for the disbelievers, whether you warn them or not it is all one for them, they believe not. God has sealed their hearts and their hearing and on their eyes is a covering. Theirs will be an awful doom. And when it is said to them to believe; as the people do, they say, Shall we believe as the foolish believe? Beware! They indeed are the foolish but they know not.
Philosophical vindication
Here is a meaningfully befitting; worth pondering, quote of Maya Angelou:
 “We allow our ignorance to prevail upon us and make us think we can survive alone, alone in patches, alone in groups, alone in race, even alone in genders”
Shocking Vindication by Scientific research
Excerpts from the research are reproduced here below.
New information from a 22-year old study at a German University has many psychiatrists and psychologists throughout the world wondering if atheism is a sign or warning of a more serious mental illness already present or in the process of developing. Doctors are searching for a gene that might cause a correlation between serious mental illness and what they are calling “Overt Atheism.” For the time being psychiatrists and research psychologists in Germany and Switzerlandare calling this medical anomaly, “The Misfit Syndrome.”
Doctors at the University in Hamburg Germany have been investigating the connection between religious beliefs and overall mental health and the results of the study have unnerved even the most stoic scientists, physicians and researchers. in other words, Overt Atheism, that is professed as a way of life by some individuals — a manifesto of sorts — was found to be a common component inherent to many people suffering from other forms of severe mental illness,” said Dr. Hans Zimmerman MD PhD
“We started to notice that many of our experimental volunteers -those who were defiantly atheistic in their beliefs — are suffering from various forms of dissociate disorders and social adaptation manias also. This came as quite a shock to us as we studied patient after patient because for years we have been led to believe that religious zeal was often a patently obvious sign of mental illness, but in fact this is not the case. Quite the contrary !
“The individuals we have studied, especially those under the age of forty who actively participate in open debate about theiravowed atheism, or people who are very strident about their atheism are heavily prone to mental illness — and most of the illnesses are quite severe. This was not a handful of subjects who were studied, mind you. There were 17,809 people in the study. It was a very large model as far as psychological experiments go.”
Until a neurotransmitter or a definitive brain anomaly can be identified and positively identified as a trigger, Dr. Zimmerman and his colleagues have given this condition a temporary name — “The Misfit Syndrome” — owing to the fact that nearly 100% of patients studied who professed openly about atheism also had other severe social adaptation issues and many major forms of mental illness that kept them from interacting normally with other people in general.
“The Misfit Syndrome” as we have described it in our literature, is actually a profound psychosis in and of itself,” said Zimmermann. It should be understood that atheism alone is not a mental illness, but overt atheismthe need to profess one’s atheism and to openly debate the existence of a deity of any kind — is almost always a sign of serious mental illness. Many people walk around without a thought about a God or Creator and these people are essentially atheists. These people do very well. The overt atheist, however, people who openly state, ‘I am an atheist,’ and then go on to debate their anti-religious issues, are, according to 22 years of intensive research, often very unwell as far as mental illness is concerned. I say ‘unwell’ because aside from the obvious mental illnesses we have observed, we have also seen a vast amount of yet to be understood mental aberrations
The overt atheist, or those who are believed to be suffering from The Misfit Syndrome, may carry a genetic defect — and that’s the rub.
“The study is virtually infallible and after nearly thirty double-blind studies we cannot come to any other conclusions.
Does this mean that the face of overt atheism is an ugly face? We are not sure, but evidence seems to point in that direction.
They might blame the Creator and by denying the existence of a Creator, they are denying their own ugliness. I do not mean to imply that one has to be ugly to be an atheist but there is an inherent inner ugliness that the patients perceive about themselves. (This is clearly evident in social media passionate discussions on the topic)
We have found that to be true in about 97% of the cases. You never have any medical study where 97% of your results are positive. It’s almost impossible to make a mistake with numbers like that. Something is going on here and the common thread with almost all overt atheists is serious mental illness or an inclination to develop a profound mental illness by age thirty-five. “It’s hard to accept something like this — something like the results of our study — in an enlightened society,but there is no getting around the scientific proof. Every variable and every model that has been used comes to the same conclusion.
People who openly do not believe in a Creator or a Greater Spirit and opt to debate it as part of their definition of self, are almost always suffering from a serious mental illness, and if they are not currently sick, the odds are nearly 100% that they eventually will become mentally ill“ Anorexia and bulimia are also rare in the Overt Atheist, but much more serious ‘mental un-wellness,’ such as schizophrenia and serious forms of Socio-Pathology are very often seen in the overt atheists with percentages approaching 100%.
In other words, people who proclaim to be believers are prone to the more mundane Generalized Anxiety Disorders or various phobias, but— Overt-Nnon-Believers— suffer from much more profound mental issues and Socio-Pathologies.   
 Here is an explanation of this anomaly from a scientific & philosophical angle.
What is God?
The mystical scriptures of religions express the idea of a single underlying reality embodied in GODThe absolute self. The idea of mass consciousness (reflective of super consciousness) suggests a continuum of nonlocal intelligence, permeating space and time. This is in contrast with neuroscience inspired Newtonian view of perceptive tissues locked in the skull.
Natural test of Assumption
At Princeton University graduation ceremony it was noticed that the rain is always, miraculously, held off for that particular day or time. Proving the existence of all hearing, Living God.
We delude ourselves with the thoughts that we know much more about things around us than about metaphysical mind or God. So we overestimate material causation and believe that it only affords us a true explanation of life. But materiality is just as inscrutable as God. As the ultimate things we can know nothing, and only when we admit this—do we return to a state of sanity. God reveals to those who earnestly ask for. Materiality is just one of His instruments.
Logical and reasoned psychological validation
Nevertheless, stressed/sickened individuals create an atmosphere of stress and sickness in collective consciousness that reciprocally affects the thinking and actions of every individual in that system (same frame of mind)…..Collective problems of society are more than just the problem of sick individuals—-such problems are more fundamentally symptoms of stress/sickness in collective consciousness (of the society) pushing our youngsters towards—Avowed-Overt- Atheism.

Save the generations from becoming disillusioned.

May 3, 2015

It is alarming that schools, colleges, and universities in the West generally and in the United States specifically are working on a deliberate plan to churn out younger generation Anti-Religion, Anti-Nation. BBC recently aired a program where it was narrated that Christians are afraid of publically declaring themselves as Christians. The reason is that Atheists attack theist with such ferocity that most theists, because of lack of knowledge or religious befuddlement, take refuge in hiding their theistic beliefs. Surprisingly it is not the case with Christians only. Muslims are facing that dilemma twice—an attack from atheists—- and —another from Islamophobes. The result is that Muslims with little or no knowledge are also compelled to accept unsavory labels of “Secular-Muslims” or “liberal-Muslims” Some, to avoid these slanderous terms use a bit more acceptable term of “Contemporary-Muslims”–In an attempt to distinguish themselves as enlightened, modern Muslims. All of these classifications are untenable from an Islamic perspective. The point to ponder is why is it happening on such a massive scale and what forces are working behind it. Church, no doubt, has miserably failed to keep the Church goers and attract the new adherents. There could be several reasons for it, but few obvious ones are, commoditization of religion, commercialization of church activities, Misappropriation or nonreligious use of contributions. Mosques, on the other hand, are generally manned by illiterate, with little or no religious knowledge imams, who in many cases can’t even read or speak English. Their main role, therefore, is limited to leading the prayers. Main reason for poor quality Imams is financial constraints. A very famous mega Church leader in GA is planning to gather 15 million $ for buying an airplane for his personal use. Several  church-related figures have already been trashed in the media on similar accounts.

Why younger generation, is thronging to Atheism?

Another reason is the parent (s) casual and expedient lifestyle where religiosity takes a back seat. There is no concerted effort to instill the religious values in the mind and behavior of a kid. Freedom of religion and freedom of choice is overemphasized which culminates in an individualistic mindset– without any pre-set boundaries. Expedient morality bits starts from anywhere and to whatever one deems fit. Everyone establishes its own set of self-satisfying rules—which are bound to result in conflict at the wider stage of the world. When such minds, due to natural propensity or worldly compulsion, think to fall in conformity with the universally accepted values of morality and conduct, an insurmountable challenge is faced. They have to unlearn what they have been living by first, since childhood, and then learn the religious, new values, fresh. In the face of this arduous undertaking easiest and readily available course, therefore, is to resign to already pulling liberal/atheistic forces. Hence another fine mind is lost to the abyss of ATHEISM forever.

Our ambivalent or explicit approval of activities condemned in scriptures is another reason for this pandemic. Today any important personality has to think 100 times, before resorting to God in Public discourse, whereas coming out of the closet waving a flag of modern liberalism has become a matter of pride. The result is that most media outlets would flatly refuse to carry any opinion against gays and lesbians. Religions or religious figures, however, could be ridiculed and desecrated with perfect impunity in the name of freedom of expression. (Absolutely inapplicable to any opinion against gays and lesbians)  On several TV Channels, it is a fait accompli to replace the word God with extra-terrestrials or some other synonym. On History Channel on May 1st, 2015 2, PM show it was said that Moses went to the mountains not to meet God but extraterrestrials. We, therefore, have to reverse this situation with serious, all out efforts if we have to save this nation and country from disillusionment and ideological demise.

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