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Wahid-1, # 19 

January 3, 2019


Quran, A divine manifestation, confirmed by # 19

[They say]; “This {Qura’an} is not but the words of a human being” (Q,74:25)

 “over it, are 19 {Angels}” (Q,74:30)

“And We have not made the keepers of the Fire except angels. And We have not made their number except as a trial for those who disbelieve – that those who were given the Scripture will be convinced and those who have believed will increase in faith and those who were given the Scripture and the believers will not doubt and that those in whose hearts is hypocrisy and the disbelievers will say, “What does Allah intend by this as an example?” Thus, Allah leaves astray whom He wills and guides whom He wills. And none knows the soldiers of your Lord except Him. And the mention of the Fire is not but a reminder to humanity” (Q,74:31)

Researches done by Dr. Rashad Khalifa & Some others leave no doubt about the Holy Qura’an being the word of Allah Almighty

“When the “word/decree” is revealed to them, We will bring out a “creature from the earth”* that will speak to them. Indeed, (these are) the people (who) do not believe in our signs”. (Q,27:82)

* {computer produced out of earthly material}

The mirror image of this verse–27:82, 72:28-confirms that Allah (is a mathematician) has counted all things in numbers.

That He may know that they have conveyed the messages of their Lord; He has complete awareness of whatever is with them, having taken stock of all things in number” (Q, 72:28)

In the verse, 82, it is said that at the right time, God will produce a creature that will be instrumental in unveiling God’s signs. This promise has been fulfilled. The creature is the computer which became instrumental in unveiling the Quran’s numerical code (19), to the people who did not believe in Allah’s signs [message].

The sum of the digits that make up 27:82 (2 +7 +8 + 2) = 19.

The prefix of all the Surahs, “Bismillah” (In the name of the most merciful…), with the exception of Surah number 9, consists of 19 letters.

Surah number 27: the 19th from the 9th, however: contains “Bismillah” twice, to equal the total number of surahs (114) in the Holy Qura’an. (a multiple of 19×6=114).

From Surah 9 to 27; by adding their assigned numbers would total 342, which is a multiple of 19×18. The total number of words used in between surah 9 and 27 (from missing “Bismillah” to the second “Bismillah” in verse 27) is also 342.

The word “Allah” is mentioned 19×142=2698 times.

The word “Allah” is mentioned in 19×6421=121,999 surah/verses.

The word “Rahman” is mentioned 19×3=57 times.

The word “Raheem” is mentioned 19×6=114 times.

The total number of surahs in Qura’an is, 19×6=114.

The very first Surah revealed to the prophet (PBUH) is the 19th Surah, (counting backward from Surah 114) having 19 verses and 19 words in the first verse, while the total number of letters in the Surah is 19×4=76. The total number of words in this Surah is the multiple of 19×15=285. (Surah 96, “blood-clot”, read; in the name of your Lord…).

The total Number of verses in the Qura’an is 19×334=6346.

There are 5263 verses between surah number 2 (the first set of disjunct letters) and Surah number 68 (with the last disjunct letter), a multiple of 19×277.  The word “Allah” mentioned in between these Surahs is a multiple of 19×139=2641 times. Whereas outside of this portion it is mentioned 57 times, a multiple of 19×3. In this portion, there are 38 Surahs, which are without any disjunct word or set of words. (19×2).

When the number assigned to the surah outside of Surah number 2 to Surah number 68 is added, it results in a multiple of 19×128=2432.

   It proves that such the miraculous assignment of numbers to these Surahs and verses cannot be the work of a human being but that of Allah (SWT).

  The word “Al-Qura’an is mentioned in the Holy Qura’an 19×3=57 times. When the assigned numbers of Surahs and verses, where the word “Al-Qura’an appears are added, the total comes to 19×140=2660.

When all the assigned numbers of Surahs and verses; where the variations of the word “Qura’an” such as Qura’anan and Qura’anahu appear; are added, their total comes to 19×177=3363.

The concept of monotheism “Allah-u-Wahid” (unicity of God), the first pillar of Islam, is mentioned in the Holy Qura’an, 19 times.

The word Wahdahu meaning “obey the God alone” is mentioned 5 times. When the numbers assigned to these Surahs and verses are added, comes to a multiple of 19×19=361.

Other 4 pillars of Islam; “salat” (prayer), “Zakat” (Charity), “Hajj” (pilgrimage to Mecca) and Siyam (Fasting in the month of Ramadhan) mentioned, comes to a multiple of 19×6=114.

Word “Salat” is mentioned 67 times and while the assigned numbers of the Surahs and verses added together comes to a multiple of 19×246=4674.

When the numbers assigned to the Surah and verses; where the Word “Zakat” & “Hajj” are mentioned added, comes to a multiple of 19x19x8=2888.

Word Siyam appears 6 times and when the numbers assigned to the Surah and verses added together comes to a multiple of 19×37=1387

In Surah number 50 named “Qaaf”, also starting with the discrete letter “Qaaf”, {denoting the word “Qura’an} the letter is used 19×3=57 times. So, it is used in the only other Surah # 42 starting with the same discrete letter “Qaaf”, 19×3=57 times. The grand total of both of these Surahs comes to (57+57) =114; which equals the total # of Surahs in Qura’an. Yet another fascinating fact about these two Surahs is that the sum total of assigned numbers to both the Surah’s and #s assigned to the verses (50+45=95 & 42+53= 95), comes to a multiple of 19×5. The numerical value of the word المجيد“ (Majeed) appearing in Surah number 50, is a multiple of 19×3 (m=40, j=3, e=10 {only once in Arabic} & d=4) = 57.

In Surah number 68, starting with the disjunct letter “N”, it appears in the Surah, as a multiple of 19×7=,133.

In Qura’an there are 3 surahs (7, 19, 38) starting with the discrete letter (saad). The total # of times this letter appears in these Surahs is a multiple of 19×8=152.

In Surah number 36 there are two discrete letters {ya & seen}. It appears in this surah as a multiple of 19×15=285.

There are 7 consecutive Surahs (40,41,42,43,44,45 &46) with disjunct letters (hameem) which is the multiple of 19×113=2147.

In Surah 42 there are two sets of disjunct letters [hameem & ainseenqaaf}. The total number of times the second set of 3-letters appears in this surah is, as a multiple of 19×11=, 209.

The Surah number 19 has the biggest set of discrete letters {kaha, yaain & saad} and only the letter [saad] appears in this Surah 19×8=152 times; whereas in all 3 Surahs [7, 19 & 38], these disjunct letters appear 19×42=798 times.

There are 6 Surahs {2, 3, 29, 30, 31, &32} with the discrete set of letters [aliflam & meem], which appear in all Surahs as a multiple of 19. Surah number 2 is a multiple of 19x 521=9899 times. Surah number 3 contains 19×298=5662 times, Surah number 29 contains 19×88=1672 times, Surah number 30 contains 19×66=1254 times, Surah number 31 contains 19×43=817 times, Surah number 32 contains 19×33=627.

There are 5 Surahs with the disjunct set of letters [aliflam & raa}, which appear in all the Surahs as a multiple of 19. Surah number 10 is a multiple of, 19×131=2489. Surah number 11 is a multiple of, 19×131=2489. Surah number 12 is a multiple of, 19×125=2375. Surah number 14 is a multiple of, 19×63=1197 and Surah number 15 is a multiple of, 19×48=912.

Surah number 13 has a set of 4 disjunct letters [aliflammeem & raa] consisting of a multiple of 19×78=1482.

There are 5 Surahs [19, 20, 26, 27, 28   with a set of discrete letters [hata-hata-seenmeemta-seenta-seen-meem,] these are a multiple of19x93=1767.

Surah number 7 consists of a discrete set of 4 letters [aliflam, meem & saad] in the multiple of 19×280=5320.

Image result for Hexagonal shape of 19


Center # 1 Allah (SWT). 

1st circle1 to 6 around Allah; the creation of the universe in 6 days. (creation of space). (Q,11:7)

2nd circle—1 to 12 around the creation of space is 12 months of the year. (Creation of time). (Q, 9:36)

It is also the code of creation. A hive of the Honey-bee, Ice-molecule, Water molecule and DNA/RNA molecule—all are in hexagonal shape.

“We know that you, [Muhammad], are saddened by what they say. And indeed, they do not call you untruthful, but it is the SIGNS of Allah that the wrongdoers reject” (Q, 6:33)

120 degree–is also the angle, of the hexagonal blocks, used in the construction of the fundamental structure of the universe, represented by the number 19.  {The greatest mathematical key in the Holy Qura’an}

The Surah 27 named “An-Naml” (Ant) has two discrete letters (ta seen). The first letter is mentioned in the verses of the Surah 27 times, which is the assigned number of the Surah. The second letter appears 93 times which the number of verses in this Surah. By adding these two we get to number 120, which is the numerical value of the Arabic word “N.m.l” for Ant. [N=50, +M=40, +L=30=120].

The 1st disjunct letter “ta” is the 16th letter in Hija’i alphabetical order. It appears in 16 verses and the total of numbers assigned comes to 16×40=640. Here the verse number 16 is the shortest verse (number 2) of this chapter, containing only 16 letters while verse number 40 is the longest verse of this chapter containing 114 letters.

By adding the letters in verse 40 and 16 total comes to 152=114+38. It represents the total number of the Surah in the Qura’an and the words in verse 40 of this chapter.

The 2nd letter “Seen” appears two times in 16 verses and the total of the number assigned to these verses comes to 636=12×53. Number 12 is the alphabetical order of the letter “seen” while 53 is a prime number with its order in prime numbers of 16, is the total number of verses.

The word “Allah” is mentioned in this verse 27 times. The verse number 26 starting with the word “Allah” consists of exactly 27 letters. Still, the tantalizing fact is that verse 27 does not use a letter “wow” (W, in English), which is the 27th letter in Hija’i alphabetic order. It appears ONCE in 15 verse. It appears TWICE in 15 verses. It appears THRICE in 15 verses. It appears 4-TIMES in 15 verses. And it appears 5-TIMES in 15 verses.

Qura’an was descended on the night of 27th of Ramadan (night of decree). Which is of a great significance. Checking the factual link between the two Surahs; it is revealed that the verses containing Arabic letter “WOW” twice total 729=, a multiple of 27×27.

Number “5” immediately reminds one of 5 daily mandatory prayers and 5 pillars of Islam. When investigated the verses containing Arabic letter “WOW” 5 times, their total comes to 773. It is the 137th prime number, which itself is the 33rd prime number. It represents the total number of verses in this chapter, which start with the letter “WOW”.

By multiplying 15×15=225; which is the total number of times letter “wow” appears in all 5 groups of verses. By multiplying 15×5=75; which is the total number of verses in these five groups. The 15th verse in this chapter consists of 15 words as well.  

Surah 97—The night of decree (POWER).

The word ‘Laila-tulqadar consisting of three words (or 9 letters) appearing thrice in this surah; 3×3+3×3+3×3=27. The first word of this Surah inna has a numerical value of 27. The words “Lailah” from the start and hiyah from the end (backward) are both the 27th words. hiyah has a numerical value of 54, which is the total of both the letters; 26 & 28 and when it is divided by 2 results in 27. From this word hiyah till the end of the Qura’an the total number of words is 486; which is a multiple of 27×18. Number 18 being the total # of letters of the last (5th) verse. Instead of adding, 27+27=54 if we multiply, the result is, 27×27=729. The 60th verse of Surah Al-Maida number 5 contains 27 words. In this Surah name of “Allah” is mentioned 44 times; which is the number of the only Surah where “night of decree” is mentioned. The total number of letters in both the surah—44 & 97 is 115. The 27th letter in the “Hija’i” alphabetical order “WOW” appears in verse 44, 115 times. The word “Al-Quran” appears in both the verses 59 times; which is the total number of words in these Surahs (29+30). 

Conclusion; the word “Al-Qadar” (Night of decree) has a numerical value of 63; which is the age of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) on whom the Holy Qura’an was revealed on the 27th of Ramadan.

Lunar & Solar Calendar in Qura’an

“Indeed, the number of months with Allah is twelve [lunar] months in the register of Allah [from] the day He created the heavens and the earth… (Q, 9:36)

The word “shar” (a month in singular form) appears 12 times in the whole Qura’an. Whereas “Yum” (day) appears 365 times. (exact number of days in a year).  Plural form of days Ayyam is mentioned 27 times which is the time taken by the moon to complete its orbital circulation. The word “Qamar” (moon) is also mentioned 27 times.

Qura’an also mentions it “ONCE” by the name “Crescent”; representing the fraction of the moon, to accommodate the exact scientific calculation of 27.3 days.

The word “year” is mentioned in Qura’an in singular form 7 times and in plural form 12 times; which is the total number of years (19) taken by the new-full-moon to fall on the same day of the year, called “Metonic-Cycle”. [it is 19 years lunar-cycle to reach the relatively exact location where the moon, the earth and sun were at the start of the journey] Here the number 19 could be taken as referring to the building block of the universe (in hexagonal form) or to the very subtle bifurcation of the 7 leap years and 12 common years.

Surah “Al-Kahaf” # 18 [7-sleepers of the Ephesus]

This Surah narrates the story of the 7-men escaped to cave in 18 consecutive verses and specifically in verse 18 of the chapter. The Surah says; “they stayed there for 300 years and then it says “add nine”; which means, counting by solar calendar would be 300-years, (e.g. by Muslims) whereas counting by the lunar calendar would be 309-years.

Surah “Al-Fatiha” # 1

Group of 1st, 2nd & 3rd-word group contains 31 letters each. The number of dots in each group also is 31. Three names of Allah are mentioned in 3 verses (twice) and the total number of letters also comes to 31. When investigated the 31st verse in the Qura’an; which is (2:24), it also contains 31 dots.


In this Surah, all the verses end with the word either “M” or “N” with their alphabetical order of 24th and 25th with a total numerical value of 49, which is multiple of 7×7. Number 7, like 27 & 114, is the main key of the mathematical manifestations of the Qura’anThe number of words ending with either “M” or “N” is exactly the same 7+7=14. This surah is described by Allah as an often-repeated set of 7-verses in 15:87 which also contains exactly 7 words. The letter “M” in this verse is mentioned 3 times and the letter “N” is mentioned 4 times. The number of dots used here is a multiple of 7×3=21; which again brings forth the significance of the number 7. Number 21 is the number of alphabets used in Surah 1 (out of total 29 alphabets).

The phrase “oft-repeated 7 verses” in Arabic carries a numerical value of 179 which is the total of 7 verses of the Surah 1+ number of words used in it 29+ number of letters used 143. (7+29+143=179) The key word in this phrase is 7 letter word “oft-repeated” and its numerical value comes to 114, the total number of surahs in Qura’an.                      If “Bismillah” is considered part of the Surah “Al-Fatiha” (as in the above example) along with other verses starting with letter “B” comes to 63, which is the age of the Prophet (PBUH). Surah “Al-Fatiha” with “Bismillah” would consist of 7 verses which are also the number of verses in surah “Al A’raf”. Both of these Surahs consist of 7 letter names in Arabic. The numerical value of the Surah (7) “Al-A’raf is also 114. (the total number of Surahs in Qura’an).

Surah Ta-ha # 20

The letter “ta” in the Surah number 20-(Ta-ha) is exactly in the middle of the all 1273 letters “ta”. There are 636 “ta” before and 636 “ta” after the central “Golden-ta”.

Letter “ta” is repeated 4 times in 4 Surahs only. 4×4=16, Number 16 is the Hija’i alphabetical order of the letter “ta”. The fourth Surah in this group where the letter “ta” appears consecutively has exactly 16 words. When 16×4=64, which is the number of verses in this Surah (24). There are 4 more letters in this verse repeated 4 times and the total numerical value of them comes to 24, which is the number of this verse and also the number of times the letter “ta” has been repeated. When we look at the number position of the words containing the letter “ta” it is 5,6,7 & 8 the total whereof comes to 26, which is the number of this verse in this Surah. The word “Allah” consists of three letters (A. L.H) and their total numerical value comes to 26 as well, which is the number of this verse. This verse consists of total 99 letters, which corresponds with the 99names of Allah. {An amazing mathematical harmony}. 

Surah AlAlaq # 96 [endometrium]

Al-Alaq” is the 9th word in this Surah; whereas the 9th prime number in the series of prime numbers is 23, which is exactly the number of pairs of chromosomes in a human DNA (DNA+RNA)Surprisingly the numerical value of the word “Adam” {the first man created} is 46, the total number of chromosomes in human DNA {23-deoxyribonucleic acid-DNA and 23Ribonucleic acid-RNA- it carries info from DNA}is also 46.

yalid is the only word appearing once in the entire Qura’an in Surah IkhlasIt is exactly in the middle of the Surah 7 words before and 7 words after it. 23 letters before and 23 letters after it. For human conception 46 number of chromosomes are required, therefore Yalid being placed in-between the two sets of 23 chromosomes represents the negation of conception/birth. (Allah did not give birth).

Surah Al-Alaq # 96 has 18 Surahs after it. Its first verse (the only in entire Qura’an) consists of 18 letters. It also starts with the first Arabic letter “Alif” and it appears in this verse 61 times; which is a prime number of the 18th place in the order. The word ihdina appears only twice in the entire Qura’an in surah # 1:6 and surah # 38:22. Letter Alif has a numerical value of 23 which represents the number of chromosomes in human DNA. Letter Alif is also the beginning and end of the word Ihadina with 5 letters with the numerical values [23,7,5,3,23]. These represent the {23, DNA/human being to be guided}, 7 stages of human development in the womb, 5 senses/5 obligatory prayers/5 pillars of Islam, 3 dark layers of the womb and 23, RNA.

Amazingly all the Surahs with 5 verses have 99 letters the number of names of Allah (SWT).

The last surah revealed, VICTORY number 110, also has 19 words. So, the first Surah revealed, BLOOD-CLOT number 96, and the last Surah revealed, both, consist of 19 words.

This miraculous exposure of the Holy Qura’an is continuing but succumbing to the brevity of human endurance I will end it here with the hope that; 

1) it will be enough to convince any rational being that it is not an ordinary book composed by a human being but a Divine-Revelation. 

2) why the challenge to produce even a part of the Qura’an has remained “UNMET”. 

3) it will keep revealing its miracles/wisdom until the end of the time.

4) it is free from any defect/deficiency/mistake, as often wishfully hoped, by the antagonists’ of Islam.


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