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Face is the index of mind.

February 24, 2015

It is a famous quote and perhaps needs some explanation which is; in general, good features of a person are the first sign of his or her being witty. It is normally true but not a rule of thumb. The probable reason for that is that such a person was lucky enough to live a comfortable or affluent life.
A poor person on the contrary has been scathed by the passage of bad time. Only saints and sufis can endure such a torment without a scratch on their personality and persona. Ordinary person would be affected so immensely that his whole persona and personality would disfigure and would reflect in his every movement, let along thinking. It would also reflect in his coming generations through mutilation of his genetic make-up. To mend would require several generations enjoying comfort and affluence. Affluence is not the only but major factor. Freedom of thoughts and movements would rank 2nd in restoration.
It however, does not mean that an ugly person cannot be witty. Such a person would develop some vibes of respectability and would become likeable; with some minor changes in his/her features as well. It could mean that this person is on the way to recovery.

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