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Reviving India’s Economy

September 24, 2017

Sep 19, 2017 KAUSHIK BASU (link to original article at the bottom)

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There are certain basic imperatives which either have to be factored in or eradicated to put the Indian economy back on track, else it would never have the luxury to see the upsurge ever again.

It is due to several reasons, enumerated a few.
1) State terrorism—unleashed by Indian Govt in Kashmir and supporting one in Burma ought to be stopped immediately.
11) Discrimination against the minorities—It is pervasive and well documented in the word press’ where the minorities are denied the government jobs and investment in major cosmopolis. (especially real estate).

The same fears and concerns are being translated into lack of international market forces confidence in Indian economy.

China’s overwhelmingly aggressive politico-economic posturing, particularly in Indian proximity, is also exposing the artificially inflated image of Indian economic exuberance.

India, with its current rate of growth, would neither be able to sieze the population growth nor the pervasive poverty.

India has to get out of the china-competition spiral; at the behest of the west, and give up its wasteful investment in defense and subversive activities in neighboring states. These resources should rather be invested in poverty alleviation and providing the entrepreneurial population with cheap credit.
India has to do away with foreign exchange control, letting the rupee float free to find its intrinsic (real marker) value rather than artificially managed one.

As a result, Indian economy may take a sharp slump in the beginning, but would eventually start building on solid grounds.


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