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4th & 5the Generation war waged against Pakistan.  

January 24, 2019

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Military courts non-renewal renewal, Surge in terrorist activities, Model-town killings, Zardari and co’s impending indictment, the wrap-up of Sharif’s dynasty, Sahiwal Killings, Oil and Gas Exploration in Pakistan being torpedoed at the last moment, IMF loan pittance; destroying the economy, Pakistani Rupee value and stock market nosedive, World Bank and ADB offering additional loans are all meant to create complete chaos and the collapse of Pakistani State gearing towards the denuclearization, of the only Muslims Dominated Nuclear State by, hand in gloves, International and domestic players.




Pakistan’s Exceptionalism

May 10, 2018


(Published on FB on 04/20/2018 as Pakistani’s Specialty)

 Pakistanis are second only to Jews who are being pampered by God, despite their numerous lacking. What outweighs all of the lacking, I guess, is their unwavering devotion to Islam, recitation of Qura’an (mostly even without understanding its meanings) and unflinching love for the Prophet (PBUH).

Unlike Jews, however, they are safe from banishment as there is no new Prophet to come with his followers. For this huge favor, which extends to, all Muslim should bow down to Allah (SWT), say Druud for the Prophet (PBUH) and thank Pakistanis.


Pakistan is the only state, after “medina”, created in the name of Islam, with nuclear capability, well-tested, disciplined army, is poised to spearhead the Muslim Ummah.


Sorry state of Bangladesh

April 13, 2018

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The way Bangladesh was created, being run and its resources plundered may not survive long from imploding.

That is exactly what India has planned when it helped Bengali traitors secede from Pakistan. It was blasphemous for Bengalis; to break away from a country which Allah (SWT) gave them as a sanctuary, just because their brethren in the Western part were unjust to them? They played in the hands of the Mushrekeen (Indian Hindus).

Their worldly reward is that; a “Mushrik-Modi” boasts about breaking PAKISTAN standing amongst them, right there on their land. Don’t Bengalese feel “ashamed”?

Mujeeb should have been given the reign of the country for he won the popular vote.

Bhutto and his cohorts fiendishly conspired to break the country to satiate the lust for power. Breaking the country into two halves was the only logical way to let both win and enjoy the power without any political duel.

Ironically some diehard ignorant still revere and call him “a great leader” and a “Shaheed”!

Bengalis ought to see what is happening to Indian Muslims– who rejected the call of the Divine and refused to migrate– and be ready for the same. They would not be able to escape Allah’s wrath.

On the other hand, those who committed excesses, in any form or shape, from the Western part could not be absolved or pardoned for their crimes.

I have a strong conviction, nevertheless, that sooner or later there will be some sort of confederation between the two; which may flourish even(after the Balkanization of India) into a bigger one consisting of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkey.

(it may sound wishful at the moment but the fast-paced changes on the political landscape of the world point to its real-time possibility).

Z.A Bhutto, A flicker of the History

April 13, 2018
ZULFIQAR ALI BHUTTO —Originally published on Nov the 6th 2016 (FB)

(A Flicker of Pakistani Political History).

Think Through?

P.S:- Though some call his going to gallows–a judicial Murder–which may be so but in the end, I guess it was a good riddance. He was not a genius but an “Evil-Genius” He planted an invasive plant–Purple loosestrife— of corruption which produced Benazir who in turn did Political Bastard Zardari (by-product of her marriage) who is trying to “Implant” a twig– Bilawal–hoping to bully the vernacular-political crowd and destroy the indigenous political ecosystem. All such plants/twigs ought to be obliterated if Pakistan has to become a livable place.

Ugly Face of Western Darling India!

April 2, 2016


Ugly Face of Western Darling India!

According to recent reports; India is wooing IS (Islamic State) by supplying arms and tactical support for a stronghold in south Asia; especially to destabilize Pakistan; in the wake of Gwadar Port being developed with the help of China, which would greatly benefit both the countries economically. Organizations such as Hizbut-Tahrir and disgruntled Taliban off-shoots; both in Afghanistan and Pakistan, are being recruited and supported by India to join IS. India, as a counter to Gwadar port, has been developing Iranian port Chah-Bahar. India had also been buying Iranian oil during the sanction period with complete impunity. The Economic Times reported — “Under pressure from the US and other western powers, India had relegated its second biggest oil suppliers by cutting down purchases from 21.2 million tons in 2009-10 to 11 million tons in 2013-14. Imports have been of that order in last three years”

It is an open secret that India for decades has been involved in terrorism in several countries including Pakistan. Indian PM Modi,(Gujrat famed–Burning of 10k Muslims) during his recent Bangladesh tour, has brazenly admitted the break-up of Pakistan in 1973.  During the investigations of recent “Lahore attack”, a top ranking Indian active duty naval officer has been caught operating in Pakistan. He has admitted the involvement in terrorism and also that his main purpose was to frustrate the Gwadar project.  Here is a report to substantiate it.  “Commander Kul Bushan Yadav is not the first Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) operative caught snooping in Pakistan though he is certainly the most high-profile spy of all seized till date, an exclusive research conducted by the “Jang Group and Geo Television Network” reveals”

Reportedly Modi has called Pakistani PM pleading not to raise the issue in international forums.

More disturbing than this is the fact that in recent years there has been growing concern about India’s security capabilities with regards to its nuclear stockpile and enriched Chemicals. According to reports about 20 tons of such chemicals is missing. Several nuclear watch organizations and. Governments are worried that it may have been supplied to most dangerous of all “ISIS”, who can easily use it for dirty bombs and wreck havoc.

“October last year, it was learnt that a 20-ton consignment of Beryl was smuggled from Kandla Port in Gujrat to Hong Kong. It is estimated that Rajasthan is accountable for 10% of Indian nuclear smuggling” (Center for Public Integrity)

“India’s nukes are at risk – The agency tasked with guarding India’s nuclear weapons and materials “is short-staffed, ill-equipped, and inadequately trained”, write Adrian Levy and R. Jeffrey Smith in a new in-depth report for the Center for Public Integrity. Reporters uncovered the evidence that “weapons and technical equipment lagged well behind comparable security forces elsewhere in the world. An estimated 90 to 110 Indian nuclear bombs are stored in six or so government-run sites,” which are guarded by the paramilitary Central Industrial Security Force (CISF). However, the report shows that U.S. government officials and experts alike believe that the agency is inadequately equipped, and that “India’s nuclear explosive materials are vulnerable to theft.” December 22, 2015


“Recently, 31 tons of nuclear material was recovered from the accused who was arrested in Rajasthan, India. Indian media recently reported theft and smuggling of nuclear material from India to an unknown network of global buyers, however, no concern was raised over the issue. World powers are disturbingly quite on Indian nuclear smuggling case, something that is no less than a global threat. The anonymity of the alleged global network is of greater concern. There are no reports where the stolen/smuggled nuclear material ends up and how it is used, and what channels are employed to get said material out of India”

“The nuclear material in question is Beryl, an atomic mineral ore of Beryllium. China, along with the United States, Russia, Canada and Brazil is few of those countries that use Beryl in atomic power plants, space-technology and scanning equipment”

After all, this there is no justification for the world community to let their guards down; especially so for the west who is already under attack by ISIS. Lest it is that the material support is coming from their esteemed strategic and trading partner INDIA—Biggest Democracy in the world—where burning Muslims and killing Christians has been a norm. It sure would not matter if they are killed elsewhere even in greater number!

Would it, therefore, not be justified if President Obama, in the same vein and proximity as with Killer PM Modi, sits with Abu Bakar Al-Baghdadi negotiating the sessions of hostilities and killings all around the world?




Netanyahu refuses to eat in same restaurant as Nawaz Sharif

October 2, 2015

The difference is 1) Shariff is working against his country by robing and selling it & BiBi is working for his country. 2) Shariff kisses the ass of his MASTERS BiBi kicks the same ass. 3) Shariff has his assets out of his country BiBi does not have his assets outside his country. 4) Shariff invests in enemy country BiBi kills his eneies. 5) Shariff operates interest bearing system of Banking BiBi’s Country has interest free Banking system— WHO WOULD RESPECT SUCH A TRAITOR/APOSTATE ?????

Asia Pacific Peeve

June 21, 2015
US President Barack Obama speaks (C) during a meeting with leaders from the Trans-Pacific Partnership at the US Embassy in Beijing on November 10, 2014 in Beijing. From left: US Trade Representative Mike Froman, Obama, and Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Top leaders and ministers of the 21-member APEC grouping are meeting in Beijing from November 7 to 11. AFP PHOTO/Mandel NGAN        (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

US President Barack Obama speaks (C) during a meeting with leaders from the Trans-Pacific Partnership at the US Embassy in Beijing on November 10, 2014 in Beijing. From left: US Trade Representative Mike Froman, Obama, and Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Top leaders and ministers of the 21-member APEC grouping are meeting in Beijing from November 7 to 11. AFP PHOTO/Mandel NGAN (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Recently China launched an Investment bank AIIB which is being considered a threat to American role of World economic system Underwriter and a rival to IMF and World Bank. (Both under the American stewardship) President Barak Hussain Obama, during his first term, launched a foreign policy initiative Asia Pivot. This initiative had an economic dimension also which has not fared well. Reason being that American investment was mainly on post war reconstruction projects whereas those of Asian countries mainly in power projection capabilities. American premature withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan has also damaged its credibility of commitment to Asia pacific region. America views China in bipolar cold-war-divided-world perspective which needs to be recalibrated according to the changed politico-economic dynamics.  Other countries of Asia Pacific should feel at home in having good relations with America and China at the same time. In Asia Pacific Pivot it was well recognized that due to major shift in Global Geopolitical dynamism major share of political and economic activities in 21st Century would be written in Asia Pacific region. These factors therefore, should be bed-rock of TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) initiative as well. TPP was also launched during his first term and has achieved, across the board, successes in trade talks with participating countries. Obama is now seeking a fast track legislation authority from the Law makers. (Previously known as TPA-Trade Promotion Authority) If approved will give president an authority to negotiate trade deals with partner countries and present them to the congress for up or down vote. Law-makers however, would not be able to introduce any amendment. The main thrust of TPP is to keep China from its free trade regime which would prove to be extremely counter-productive. China’s launch of AIIB may take away the American role of world economic leadership. More so, should the Dollar be replaced as the world currency as per AIIB charter. It would inflict immense damage to American Economy. Saddam Hussain was punished for contemplating similar initiative; necessitated by sustained oil export embargo, which literally crippled Iraq’s economy. China, on the other hand, is already word # 1 economic-power in terms of balance-sheet in comparison to that of USA therefore, would be hard to take on. Domestically TPP is facing a tough challenge from liberal democrats and labor union representatives.  Their concern is that trade pacts may hurt US workers and further widened the income gap as did the previous free trade deals. The biggest Free Trade pact so far has been NAFTA covering 440 million people (US, Canada, Mexico) and touching a bench mark of 17 Trillion Dollars trade, supporting around 5 million jobs in USA only. A bipartisan group of law makers has therefore ramped up the pressure to include enforceable provisions against currency manipulation in the trade agreements to help boost the American exports Competitiveness and easy passage of the   trade agreements.  Obama administration and some leading economists however, have argued that it would be Counter-Productive as the currency value manipulation is best monitored by G20, G7 & IMF.

China’s AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) is being launched with a huge capital of 100 billion Dollars, posing a direct threat to American economic supremacy, to IMF and World Bank. It is also posing a threat to ADB (Asian Development Bank– under the Japanese stewardship). AIIB is being participated by 57 countries. Some of the participating countries, despite strong American advice not to, are close American allies. France, Germany and Britain are few of such staunch allies. AIIB is believed to cater to 1/3rd of world trade by 2020 and about 40 % of Global activity by 2030.

China is expanding its influence in Africa, Asia and Latin America–once considered to be American backyard. In Latin America it has invested 119 billion Dollars since 2005 with fewer strings attached in comparison to IMF and World Bank loaning regimen. It has loaned 56b to Venezuela, 22b to Brazil and 19b to Argentina. Whereas IDB (Inter American Development Bank), US import Export Bank and World Bank combined have loaned only 75 billion in 10 years.  Asia by 2030 would have 3 out of 4 world largest economies and would produce about ½ of world global output by 2050. The importance of Chinese Investment bank therefore would be enhanced manifold as the infrastructure of most of the developing and developed Countries, including US, even now is already in need of huge investment for repair and maintenance as well as for new construction.

Chinese Investment in South Asian countries is comparatively smaller but vital for achievement of its long term objectives. Chinese Investment in Pakistan, Gwadar Port of about 45b $, is being blown out of proportion by the incumbent Govt. for obvious expedient reasons. In Nicaragua one Chinese businessman is investing 50b $ constructing his own canal on the model of Panama Canal. Had there been an honest and capable Govt., with technical experts at hand, this investment could have been a windfall for Pakistan. China needs that Port, of unique contour suitable for modern Panamax or Post-Panamax ships to be harbored and with almost zero blockade possibility, more than Pakistan needs Chinese Investment.  China would save a fortune by almost free use of Gwadar Port. Pakistan on the other hand, would be burdened with repayment of the loan and heavy cost, with possible casualties, of providing extensive security to Chinese workforce. In return Pakistan would get a pittance after long time in the form of tariff. Strategically Pakistan would be severely disadvantaged as all of its neighbors are already feeling threatened. We should also be mindful that China has a huge appetite for raw material and very little for value added finished products. Pakistan lacks institutions, equipment and expertise for providing even raw material efficiently and economically. If china would provide all that too then it would be nothing short of a long term leasing of Pakistan along-with its resources to China. Coal based Power generation plants, which will be completely phased out by Chinese in their own country by2030, is a crude example of Pakistan’s lack of awareness and concern for its National Interests. Pakistani industry already in doldrums may not be able to compete or even sustain. We might end up becoming a satellite, slave state of China. I really wonder if any institution, including Pakistani military and civil establishment, has considered all these risk?

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