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Obama went to beggars for begging jobs!

December 22, 2010

Obama went to beggars for begging jobs!

After the humiliating defeat in the mid term elections, Obama flee to a country who is housing the highest number of Deprived, who make up majority of, not only India but, the world as a whole.
It was very perplexing to see Mr. and Mrs. president dancing in the land of the monkeys like clown, to forget their defeat. One must wonder if they could not find a better way to overcome their grueling defeat.

Logical Question to be posed here is that; Do the Democrats really think that Americans are so dumb that they would not understand that a country who is littered with the poverty, except in it’s Parliament, Presidential Palace, 5 star Hotels and Bollywood, can not be of any use to US or its people? They took the American Jobs away at much cheaper price, so how can they create jobs in USA, which would be much more costlier and against their own interest.

According to reports, Obama has signed 10 billion dollars agreements with Indian government, which are future options and would stretch over a long period of time. US, on the contrary, is spending more billions in a month in Iraq and Afghanistan. How significant would these contracts be in this background is no brainer. It is absolutely devious, deceptive and ridiculous.

It may, although, be contended that it is a biased approach towards India, but the facts have to be told howsoever bitter they might be. India is a country who has annexed several of its smaller neighbors, she is killing minorities, like Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, and even Low cast Hindus.

Hundred of Kashmiri are being killed every day. Kashmir has been garrisoned by half a million soldiers, who are committing heinous crimes against the innocent unarmed people of Kashmir for the last 65 years.

India is the only country in the world who has the highest number of secessionist movements raging thought its provinces and occupied territories. According to some published reports, there are about 90 such movements. Some of the areas, where these insurgencies are raging, have never been under the full control of the federal government. Police and other law enforcing agencies have no presence there and never had any writ there.

It is the first country who violated the non atomic make up of the region. It is the only country who has killed millions of Muslims at the time of partition and then killed thousands of Sikhs at Golden temple; the holiest shrine of Sikhs. It got hundreds of thousands Sri Lankans killed for a very long time by Tamil Tigers.( in an Indian sponsored and funded terrorism).

It is the country who broke Pakistan into two by creating Bangladesh by military intervention. It is the country who invaded Pakistan three times in 65 years. It is also training and funding Bluchistan Liberation Army’s terrorists operating in Pakistani territories. It has repeatedly reneged on scores of UN resolutions. It has several areas of Pakistani territories under its illicit occupation since the partition. It is the only county in the world who has disputes with almost all of its neighbors.

It is the only country who is meddling in the affairs of all its neighbors, like China via Tibet, Pakistan via BLA (Bluchistan Liberation army), Sri Lanka via Tamil Tigers and so on. India flushed out the Buddhism from its territory and planted in China and then gave asylum to Dalai Lama, perpetuating a constant headache for China.

Contrarily, she is expecting to be the permanent member of the security council, projecting herself as the emerging power of the world, after China, and Regional Power of Asia. It has the lunatic dream of even confronting China militarily and surpassing it economically. This costly trip of Obamas to a human wasteland should be condemned with all intensity as the huge cost of this trip could have been used to feed hundred of thousands needy back home, who are jobless for long time.

According to the latest economic data, India is at the verge of collapsing and economic declination due to several factors. Economic indicators show that the meager growth, which India experienced in past few decades, has eroded and it is on constant decline. India is a country which is forcing several diametrically different people, to live under India tyranny of Akhand Bharat.
To name a few such people are; Goans, Sikhs, Nixal Baris, Bengalis and so on. Ironically, the current prime minister of India, Man Mohan Singh, has categorically accepted this reality that the militants seems to be wining and would take over the country soon.

India would disintegrate soon as its constitution is frivolous, unrealistic and illogical from any conceivable point of view. It is just a matter of decade or two for its balkanization. If history is any guide, it seems to be confirming this notion as well. It is unable to feed its population, military is the most inept, illogically intellectualized which renders it (non military) bunch of killers, the nationalistic tendencies are growing in group/nation centric fashion; which are intrinsically anti Indian union. Hindu extremism is at its height and most violent. Minority are grossly mistreated, under privileged and kept so forcibly due to cast and class system.

The apologists for India and the antagonists of China, such as Fareed Zakaria (the host of GPS–Gaffe Par Sans), are constantly twisting the facts; depicting the rise of china worrying many countries of the area. They are misleading the American Intelligentsia, Academicians and Policy makers alike that these countries are looking towards USA for counter balance in the area against Chinese Influence. This is utter non sense. Most of the countries of the area are very comfortable with China. Mainly because it neither dictates these countries nor does it provide them with the blue print of perceived model government. It also does not conspire against these countries to topple the presumed unfriendly governments. It also does not label countries part of axis of evil. It has not invaded any country in the recent memory on the false pretext of WMD. We all need to be on guard against these distortionists. We should demand the source or rationale of their botched assertions.

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