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December 4, 2015


Yet another show of savagery by a Muslim named person, whose brother is a decorated Navy VET. From a believer’s point of view, God of any religion would never command such senseless slaughtering of innocent fellow human beings. It is clearly an evil, satanic act. Although it is hard to categorically declare the motive behind this carnage but few facts are worth noticing. In last eleven months there have been 350 + incidents of this nature, killing at least 4 or more people. Daily, at least, 8 children are injured in shooting incidents. In these 350+ shooting 95 % of people involved were–Non-Muslims– majority Anglo-Saxons.  American society is the most heavily armed society in the world, where a bunch of 100 people owns more than 115 weapons. Most of the people involved in shooting were younger, socially alienated people. We do not need such lunatics to destroy already stretched fabric of society. We should not allow sadists or religio-phobes to sow the seeds of suspicion and hatred in the minds and hearts of caring, tolerant and welcoming Americans.  We are next door neighbors, who stand with each other in thick and thin. Government and all other responsible institutions need to pay attention to growing alienation of the younger generation instead of political mud-slinging and point scoring.  Heartiest condolences offered to the loved ones of the victims. Sincerely wishing a speedy and full recovery of injured.

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