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Islamic State, An Enemy!

December 26, 2017

خريطة داعش السوداء..



National Interest, Domineering or Just Hypocrisy?

 Raqqa: Islamic State’s Capital falls to US-backed Syrian forces—BBC News. (20th Sept 2017) Reuter reported it on 17th of Oct, 2017

There was important but least reported news about letting the Syrian local insurgents out of RAQQA. Ex-President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai revealed that IS fighters are present in Afghanistan and being supplied ammunition by the Coalition’s unmarked Helicopters. It, however, fell on deaf ears of the people who were at a loss to connect the two stories.

The US army transfer ISIS terrorists to Nangarhar of Afghanistan

Senior MP: US helicopters transfer tens of ISIS terrorists to Afghanistan


(Ahlul-Bayt News Agency) – A senior Afghan legislator revealed that the US helicopters have transferred a large number of ISIS terrorists to the province of Nangarhar in the Eastern parts of the country.

Last week, the US military helicopters transferred over 50 ISIS fighters to the Barabad region of the town of Behsoud in Nangarhar province, Zahir Qadir said. He also disclosed that a container full of military equipment was also delivered to the ISIS terrorists in the Nari Obeh region of Nangarhar province.

Syrian authorities have caught US military aircraft secretly transporting ISIS terrorists out of Syria to unknown destinations. 

US military caught transporting ISIS militants out of Syria

According to senior Syrian legislator Ammar al-Assad, the United States is helping ISIS to escape Raqqa, where Russian and Syrian forces are successfully defeating the terrorist organization. reports: Assad said that the US is now transferring the ISIL terrorists from Syria, especially Raqqa province, to unknown places.

 Raqqa was turned into rubble due to constant bombing by the Syrian, Russian and coalition forces and almost all of the three hundred thousand residents were forced to move out. The only ones left were well dug in Islamic State fighters.

Although IS presence in Raqqa was beneficial to almost all the parties to the conflict, but their presence by the Coalition forces was needed elsewhere; where the leader of the Western Pack (USA) is facing an uphill task; even after a decade of fighting (using technologically most advanced war toys) and spending over a Trillion Dollars—Afghanistan (known bastion of a ragtag army—TALIBAN and a GRAVEYARD of EMPIRES). Here it shall serve many purposes. Fight Taliban, Destabilize Pakistan; Pose an imminent threat to Iran, a proxy militia to West’s new Darling India–to help prop up the Indian role of a policeman in the area. India has supplied IS with atomic waste to be used in the making of dirty bombs.

Islamic State’s presence was beneficial to Basher Al Assad for decimating any of his opponents labeling them as IS fighters. It was pivotal for the Russian involvement in support of Syria. West’s involvement in the Middle East was also legitimized by the presence of IS. Moreover, it was fighting the Syrian army and Hezbollah fighters, the main targets of the Western forces.

IS fighters as per the agreement reached were transported out of their stronghold Raqqa for three days and nights; on private buses and trucks, for ultimate destination Afghanistan.

Basher Al Assad; an underdog, now the winner, holds 50 % or more of the Syrian land—12 out of 14 Governorates– as compared to 19 % before. He is acquiesced to continue as president of Syria and his removal has been shelved for good. Russia perpetuated her role in the Middle East in particular and the world in general.  President Donald Trump, during his recent trip, concurred with President Putin on a negotiated settlement of Syrian conflict, rather than the Military solution. What a capitulation to the Russian maneuvering!

Unfortunately, however, it is the Syrian civilians who got trampled in this fight of the elephants.

 End Result.

In 2016, from an estimated pre-war population of 22 million, the United Nations (UN) identified 13.5 million Syrians requiring humanitarian assistance, of which more than 6 million are internally displaced within Syria, and around 5 million are refugees outside of Syria. They were forced to abandon their homes and take refuge in neighboring countries, Europe and Turkey.

 More than five hundred thousand innocent civilians got killed.

(American Trade Tower attack (9/11), 3000-innocent killed, was avenged by destroying two un-related countries. 500k innocent killed then, by this very yardstick, would need 166.6 countries to avenge!).


West not at war with Islam

February 24, 2015

Image result for Pic of Obama speaking at WH

President Barak H. Obama Jaw boned the incredulous participants at White House Summit. Although every Muslim and non-Muslim, with a little acumen, equally and sincerely would wish so, but unfortunately the statement was flat out unbelievable. Mr. President, you continued fighting a war waged against Muslims by a group of neocon extremists, on a contrived, as widely believed, the pretext of 9/11. Bush & Co. destroyed one of the oldest cradles of Muslim Learning – rich in history-Iraq- on yet another contrived pretext of WMD. The same group of maniacs then destroyed another medieval-styled rustic Muslim country – Afghanistan. A country which had never been a threat to anyone except that her people have been the fierce defender of their freedom encroached upon by invaders. If we (the West) is not at war with Islam, One may wonder why then, Iranian president Mussadaq was toppled by CIA?  Why Shah Faisal of Saudi Arabia got assassinated.  Why Pakistani president Zia-ul-Haque was taken out in a plane crash? Why Algerian elections won by an Islamic Party were rejected?   Why Syrian President Bashar Al-Asad’s regime need be changed? Why Libya got disintegrated, Gaddafi eliminated and country pushed into civil war? Why Arab spring was hijacked, duly elected President of Egypt Mursi removed and Army Gen. implanted? Why Gen. CICI is being supported by us against the popular sentiments? Why are we meddling in the affairs of Yemen and Sudan? Why two Christian states—East Timor & South Sudan were carved out of sovereign Muslim Countries? Why Palestinian Muslims are destined to the world’s biggest concentration camp (Gazza) for decades with our tacit approval? Why was Israel planted in the heart of the Muslim Middle East? Why Israel is guaranteed blanket impunity against all crimes committed or it may choose to commit? Why Kashmiri Muslims are being enslaved by a brute force of 500k soldiers; raped and killed at will, independence denied for decades, despite UN resolutions calling for a plebiscite, by our second biggest, after china, trading partner (INDIA)? Why are we supporting the Kings and Despots in the Middle East? Is our championing of democracy and human rights a ploy? Why every single Muslim country is being micro-managed by us? Mr. President, you lack credibility even with your own people because you reneged on many of your campaign promises. I seriously wonder what makes you think that with all these blatant infractions Muslims should believe your words– West is not at war with Islam. Well! they might not be the Einstein of the first world but that does not mean they are stupid or naive to the extent that they would accept your insipid oratory. Mr. President, it would not need a brainiac to understand that for any tangible result, we have to come up with an honest and practically visible-counter-narrative, not by Mullahs or Imams, but by –US– the west. We must also stop contributing to the oppression of deprived, on the edge Muslim youth; disgruntled by the orgies of the ruling elites–the real inferno of extremism. So far Muslim majority condemns the barbaric killing of innocent people by IS or anyone else—West must, therefore, seize it right here and actuate the reversal back to normalcy and co-existence with wisdom instead of conceit, ingenuity, hubris or jingoism.


Also published in The Nation (National newspaper of Pakistan) on 02 April, 2015.

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